Plumb Precision Announces the Submission of the P3-M110 PGS into PEO Soldier’s xTechSoldier Lethality Program

Plumb Precision Products is excited to announce its submission into the xTechSolider Lethality Precision Grenadier System.

The Plumb Precision M110 Precision Grenadier System (P3-M110 PGS) is a SDVOSB effort for a M110 rifle-based system. The P3 M110-PGS receivers are M110 pattern, re-designed to accept 17.5mm Ammunition. This developmental ammunition is a 17.5mm projectile fired from 12-gauge shotgun sized cases.

P3-M110 PGS Ammunition is low- or high-pressure rated. The Counter-Defilade ammunition is pre-programmed time of flight detonating (based on range) or point detonating. P3 will include Training, CQB/SUB-T, Breaching, Anti-Armor (SABOT/HEAT types), and Counter UAS (Flechette / EM discharge) ammunition types.

The P3-M110 PGS uses SR25 type magazines and has M4 type ambidextrous controls. The P3 M110-PGS is 8 lbs. empty (target of 11.5 lbs. loaded). The P3-M110 PGS is less than 34” long (target 28” long with suppressor).

The P3-M110 PGS has a Variable Power Direct View Optic. The DVO has a patented self-ranging etched reticle. It is ammo BDC matched including blast radius.

Targeting information is shown via Heads-Up Display with aiming reference points and numerical data.  The targeting system has patent pending wind reading and sound locating (counter UAS) features. This data is transmitted via a patented encrypted network.

Plumb Precision Products will leverage existing technologies and industry partnerships to provide a system with unprecedented flexibility and lethality.

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