Now Available INCOG X Holster from Safariland x Haley Strategic Partners

The INCOG X Holster presents the latest evolution in ergonomic, RDS compatible, multi positional, deep concealment IWB hybrid thermoformed holsters. Designed and built in direct collaboration with Safariland, the distinctive INCOG X enables concealed carry for a wide range of handgun fits from various carry positions. The design features passive trigger guard retention as well as adjustable ejection port retention for a finely tuned holstered fit and a smooth draw.

The latest evolution of the Incog Holster upgrades from a single clip to a series of clips that allow more adaptability to the end user while providing the original design intentions of enhanced grip acquisition, deep concealment, and reliable functionality. The clips open outward and slide down with the holster, naturally locking in place over belts (clips can accommodate most belts up to 1 3/4” wide). An actuated finger tab flexes to open, allowing quick installation or removal from belts. An improved clip strut design combines functionality with customized concealment shims that can be easily installed or removed without any tools. All INCOG X models include clip strut shims in three concealment enhancement sizes: 1/8”, 1/4″, and 3/8”.

The holster body is constructed from a microfiber suede wrapped Boltaron thermoplastic, which offers a soft, sweat wicking feel against the body, exceptional impact strength, and resistance to chemicals/abrasions making it a preferred material for the most rigorous conditions.”

Visit the website for the extensive list of GLOCK and SIG fits, both with and without lights.

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