Night Vision Devices Now Available from T.REX ARMS

T.REX ARMS has begun selling night vision devices! After spending several years using night vision, and producing educational materials about different devices, we are now partnering with Nocturnality to assemble and provide custom-built hardware for immediate fulfillment.

All tubes are thin-film white phosphor tubes from Elbit, which will meet or exceed OMNI VIII Mil-Spec minimums, meaning no less than 1600 FOM. Individual batch specifications will be posted on product pages, and every order will receive the original Elbit Systems spec sheets.

Individual products have been narrowed down to the ubiquitous PVS-14 for monocular use, complete with manual gain, IR illuminator, in an industry standard ITT Mil-Spec housing, and affordable binocular options that utilize the flexible and durable housings from AB Night Vision.  

The Ruggedized Night Vision Goggle is nearly indestructible and has intuitive controls that include IR illumination and signaling capability, 16 hours of battery on a single CR123 with low power indication, and support for ANVIS-style battery packs.  

The Ruggedized Panning Night Vision Goggle shares features with the standard RNVG, but with the added ability to pan the tubes out for a 65 degree field of view. Also, the pods can be detached from the bridge without tools and used as separate monoculars (with an additional battery adapter).  

All products are ready to be used right out of the box, including batteries and basic accessories, and they are backed by a 10-year warranty. 

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