Night Aerial Target Engagement: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience for the Elite Shooter

South Florida, February 9-10 – Greenline Tactical, led by renowned tactical expert Don Edwards, wants to share an unprecedented opportunity for shooting enthusiasts: the Night Aerial Target Engagement Course. Partnered with Airborne Tactical Training Solutions, a leader in tactical helicopter training, this course is designed for anyone who seeks an extraordinary shooting experience.

A Unique Blend of Ground and Aerial Training The course unfolds in three phases, starting with ground-based training focusing on safety and live fire assessment. Phase two introduces participants to helicopter safety and operations, culminating in phase three, where attendees engage in live aerial target shooting from a helicopter, guided by experienced Greenline and ATTS instructors.

Exclusive and Unforgettable “Imagine the adrenaline rush of identifying and engaging targets from a helicopter at night. This isn’t just a course; it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” says Don Edwards. This course is designed for those with a passion for tactical shooting and an adventurous spirit.

Requirements and Gear Participants should bring their own gear, including a helmet, NVGs, and an AR-style rifle, among other essentials. Full details are available on the Greenline Tactical website, night vision is available for rent if needed. Spaces are limited, and advance registration is required.

Join Us for an Unmatched Shooting Adventure Visit for registration and more information. Experience the thrill of Night Aerial Target Engagement under the guidance of the industry’s best.

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