(GATTATICO (RE) – ITALY) – FROG.PRO®, the Italian reference brand for tactical tailoring, is finally ready to launch its new T-Shirt Collection. They will be available on their website beginning August 4th 2023.

Among our news for 2023, we are proud to present our highly awaited Apparel line with the new FROG.PRO T-Shirts: a perfect mix of style, legend and a dash of extravagance to create unmatched designs. Each of the three new collections was conceived with an unique story, so that dressing can be a journey between history and creativity.

We worked on these T-Shirts with the utmost attention, because we think that the key to standing out from the crowd lies in the details. From a perfect cut to high-end materials, each part has been carefully selected to make a garment of uncompromising quality.

Our penchant for creativity led us to dare with unique shapes and graphics; the philosophy that drives our creative process is always the will to exceed expectations and to offer something different, and with these T-Shirts, we want to share with you our unique vision.

Here are our collectible lines:

UNBRANDED CollectionBear our flag high

Our UNBRANDED line is a bold expression of our company’s identity. These T-Shirts are dedicated to those who wish to bring up our name and share our passion for experience and innovation.

Wear “Unbranded” T-Shirts proudly and let the world know that you are part of the FROG.PRO family.

TIMELESS CollectionWhen style embraces history

The TIMELESS Collection is a real bridge between the ages, connecting ancient charm to the current age.

This exclusive line of T-Shirts blends historical elements with modern design, through three iconic headdresses that used to be worn the valiant warriors of the past.

We represented these helmets through a mosaic of triangles, that gradually disassembles; the fragmentation is a metaphor the passing of the years, where the history is lost as time passes.

Our TIMELESS Collection is an invitation to explore the world through the ages, to embrace the beauty of the old and appreciate its legacy in the present.

By wearing these shirts, we want to make you feel the valiance of the ancient warriors. Because armor changes, but the spirit of warriors lives on forever.

SPECIAL FROGS CollectionFrom smile to adrenaline

In this collection our iconic logo comes to life: a frog that wears the gear of special forces operators. A real tribute to operators from all over the world.

With the SPECIAL FROGS line we wanted to play by incorporating some of our most iconic products.

The protagonists of this initial series are these three funny fellows.

• “Wave Dave” with his MP7 sub machine gun and his panoramic NVG, recalls the spirit of Navy TIER 1 units.

• “Nash The Flash” is the quintessential urban stormtrooper, with his flashbang grenades and his ability to move with agility in CQB environments, namely the urban and restricted ones.

• “Smokey Joey” is a skilled rifleman with an M4 carbine and his reliable Modular Reconnaissance Task Bag. He is always ready to support his teammates with the best strategies.

Packaging and technical features

Our focus went beyond the T-Shirt design; from the choice of fabric to the creation of an eco-friendly packaging, we wanted to create a T-Shirt line that could achieve the best results both for the wearer and for the environment.

The T-Shirts are made of 100% organic cotton from a controlled supply chain, STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified, guaranteeing the maximum possible sustainability. With a weight of 180 g/m2 and 145 g/m2, they are also perfect for the hottest days of summer; an ideal weight that gives them texture and durability without making them feel too heavy or restrictive. Also, as they are all pre-washed, they will not lose their shape over time.

The packaging was created keeping in mind our commitment to environmental sustainability. The T-Shirts are shipped in boxes specifically designed to minimise the use of materials and the dimension of the package, thus also reducing the environmental impact of transport. The boxes are made of FSC cardboard from a controlled supply chain, to ensure a responsible and ecological shopping experience.

Unique T-Shirts for collectors: limited edition supplies

With the launch of these three extraordinary collections, we invite you to take advantage of this limited edition offer, knowing that each piece is a treasure because it is able to tell a story.

This is just the beginning of a long apparel line that will continue to grow over time. In the future, we plan to expand it introducing new themes, subjects and identities that can enrich the hearts and minds of our wearers.”

The new T-Shirts will be available on www.frogpro.eu starting from August 4th 2023 in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. They offer free shipping to USA on orders over 200 EURO (about 220 USD).

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