LENGGRIES, GERMANY (30 May 2023)— Lindnerhof-Taktik GmbH, today raised the curtain on an action-packed video series that will demonstrate how the company’s protective plate carriers and other tactical-use products can be set up for maximum utility during various types of missions.

Each episode of the video series, titled “Set It Up,” revolves around recently introduced Lindnerhof products, according to company CEO and video series host Jakob Kolbeck.

“We’re big believers in the notion that it’s much better to show rather than tell when it comes to describing a product’s features and benefits,” said Kolbeck. “And the way we show them in this video series is nothing short of exciting because we put our products in the middle of real-life scenes from out in the field.”

The debut episode of ‘Set It Up’—which premiered today and can be viewed HERE—offers a close look at Lindnerhof’s new Plate Carrier Releasable LT025/V A2. The wearer is a special-forces trooper seen receiving support from an elite German Bundeswehr operator while going through the gruelling paces of a training exercise involving live-fire manoeuvres.

According to Kolbeck, the CORDURA® fabric-based LT025/V A2—an evolution of the company’s classic Plate Carrier Releasable LT025/V—is depicted bearing a typical EGB-forces load-out. “What you’ll see supporting the load-out is the LT025/V A2’s new skeletonised waistbelt plus rear zippers for the mounting of panels along the back, all working together with the user-favourite functionalities that helped make the original LT025/V such a tremendous workhorse,” he said.

Kolbeck emphasised that the “Set It Up” video series is not meant to dish out a visually powerful sales pitch but rather to help existing and prospective users derive the greatest vale from the showcased products.

Episode 1 puts the spotlight on the LT025/V A2 and four additional recently launched Lindnerhof products: Hydration Pouch MX931, Pistol Magazine Pouches (single and double) MX762, Lightstick Holder LT279, and Dump Pouch Slim MX062.

“Watching this episode—and the others that follow—will do more than demonstrate the value of each highlighted product; it’ll also inspire thinking about the possibilities of how the products could be utilised in the many different situations wearers are likely to encounter during a mission,” said “Set It Up” co-host and Lindnerhof Technical Sales Manager International Björn Herbert.

“For example, take the new MX931 Hydration Pouch,” Herbert continued. “Viewers will easily understand its benefits in comparison to other hydration bladders when it comes to mounting the tube within ready reach so that the bladder’s drinkable contents can be accessed at any time and without first having to detach the gear or open the pouch.

“Similarly, the MX062 Slim Dump Pouch: viewers see how remarkably slim it actually is and can easily grasp how much load-out space it’ll potentially save them.”

The Episode 1 segment focussing on Pistol Magazine Pouches MX762 reveals their adjustability and reliability, with Kolbeck and Herbert demonstrating three options for fixing magazines “up to their gusto” inside the pouches by either using the supplied integrated Grip Clip, employing an additional elastic cord and Alpha Tab, or simply closing the cover flap.

The idea to produce this video series emerged after Lindnerhof executives went searching for a fresh strategy in support of new-product launches.

“For 2023, we decided to harness more potent ways of providing honest news and authentically helpful information to our community,” Kolbeck explained. “A video series made the most sense to us, being former special-forces guys ourselves. We saw this as a great opportunity to create conversations around our products while at the same time being true to the Lindnerhof brand as well as to our customers, partners, and friends. Drawing on our own mission experiences, we naturally have a lot of inputs to add to those conversations—and in this series we don’t hold back from going full-throttle with those inputs, either.”

For more information about the “Set It Up” video series and about the recently launched products shown, please visit Lindnerhof´s webshop at hqg.de.

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