St. Cloud, Minnesota – (May 5th, 2023) Maxim Defense, manufacturer of state-of-the-art precision suppressors, firearms, accessories, and ammunition, is proud to announce that its DSX Suppressor and SDX:510 Suppressed Upper Receiver Group (SURG) have received top honors in a comprehensive, independent review conducted by Pew Science (, the authoritative source on sound suppression and firearm performance.

At the heart of Maxim’s DSX suppressor is its patented M-Core technology that is specifically designed to minimize a suppressed weapon system’s increased cyclic rate and gas blowback. Duty built for the world’s most rigorous demands, the DSX Suppressor has been thoroughly tested with multiple SOCOM tables across various calibers and barrel lengths, proving its robustness and strength in the suppressor category.

During the independent review conducted by Pew Science, the Maxim Defense DSX achieved a composite Suppression Rating™ of 38.8 when paired with a 10.3-inch barrel MK18 and fired with Federal XM193 55gr. 5.56 Federal ammunition. When incorporated into the Maxim Defense 10.3-inch barrel SURG system and fired with Federal XM193, the Maxim Defense DSX achieved a composite Suppression Rating™ of 39.8 in Pew Science testing.

These outstanding results demonstrate the exceptional performance of the Maxim Defense DSX Suppressor and SDX:510 SURG in the realm of sound suppression, reliability, and durability. “Maxim Defense is honored to receive this recognition from Pew Science,” said Michael Windfeldt, CEO of Maxim Defense. “We stand committed to providing some of the most innovative and reliable products for firearm enthusiasts and professionals worldwide.”

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