It’s Pogue

Can we just cut it with the “POG” usage? The backronym “POG” was created by infantrymen who were Pogues but didn’t want to be called Pogues anymore. You know it’s true, there are loads of Infantrymen who are Pogues.

This photo was taken during the Vietnam war and it clearly uses the term “Pogue” which dates back to World War I and possibly as far back as the Civil War.

Oddly enough, this “POG” nonsense seems to have started with the Marines during the GWOT which explains quite a bit since they were handing out ASVAB waivers like candy. If “POG” actually stood for “Persons Other Than Grunts” where is the “T”? Wouldn’t it be “POTG”?

Either way my grunt friends, have fun cleaning the barracks while the REMFs do their day-to-day jobs.

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