INVISIO today announces its latest development in mission critical communications – the INVISIO V60 Gen II ADP – an advanced PTT and warfighter hub that bridges audio, data, and power. It provides more functionality and flexibility whilst integrating systems and data to reduce the number of devices carried by dismounted soldiers.

The V60 II ADP builds on previous iterations of INVISIO’s V-Series, adding the capability to enable audio cues from EUD (End User Device) to headset, as well as distributing power to EUDs or other devices. This reduces cables, devices, and complexity.

The new addition to the INVISIO family has the same capabilities as the INVISIO V-Series Gen II which delivers market-leading double hearing protection of 42dB SNR / 34dB NNR with hear-through capability, as well as automatic adjustment of volume from received audio to surrounding sound levels. It also uses AI and digital signal processing to filter out noise and increase speech intelligibility by 30 per cent, key factors in increasing situational awareness and reducing fatigue.

The system is MIL SPEC compliant and proven to withstand extreme environments, from high altitudes and low temperatures to extreme heat, as well as being fully submersible to 20m for two hours.

In the latest ground-breaking development by INVISIO, the V60 II ADP has the capability to bridge audio and data, allowing audio cues to be delivered to a headset from an EUD, creating an even more agile communications solution in the field. Like its predecessors, the system is modular, giving flexibility to the user on the ground and the ability to cater for varying requirements based on situation and power needs, all while adding a unique interface between data and audio.

“INVISIO’s digitalization of traditional systems continues its ongoing work to modernize communications in the battlefield,” says Jakob Novrup Bengtson, Product Manager at INVISIO. “The latest addition to our range of tactical communication systems bridges the gap between audio and data, creating a fast, agile, and data-driven solution for dismounted troops on the ground.

“We have listened to feedback from our customers on what users need, and that is reduced burden – fewer devices, fewer cables, and flexible, integrated systems that make communication easier than ever, no matter what environment they are in. The result is the V60 II ADP.

“This will have a hugely positive impact for our customers and marks the next step in the digitalization of battlefield communication.”

The V60 II ADP offers:

The ultimate warfighter hub: Bridging audio, data, and power for more capabilities with less devices

Reduced burden: Less cables, devices, less weight and complexity

Rugged and combat proven: MIL-SPEC compliant and proven by SOF globally.

Mission adaptive: Volume from received audio is automatically adjusted to surrounding sound level.

Flexible and intuitive: Limitless configurations, making Gen II suitable for all scenarios, and VOX functionality and voice prompts for intuitive operations.

INVISIO Audio™: AI and digital signal processing to filter out noise and increase speech intelligibility by 30 per cent.

Market-leading hearing protection: Increased protection levels and option of double hearing protection with hear-through at a market-leading 42 dB SNR / 34 dB NNR attenuation.

INVISIO has a proven track record of developing industry-leading solutions for the most demanding elite units in the world, using extensive research and feedback to create systems and products that will solve problems and improve communication.

The ADP will be announced on May 8 in connection with SOF Week in Tampa, Florida. Visit INVISIO at booth #1152 or go directly to their yacht “Reel Blonde” for a live demo. Alternatively, for more information, visit or contact [email protected] or your local INVISIO sales representative.

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