Introducing S.O.Tech’ s Modular Organizer Panels

Organizer Panels Using Adjustable Elastic Cords

S.O.Tech has been doing a lot of organizer panels over these past couple of years, our original design involved a cloth covered panel, loops, and in general too much labor. Therefore, introducing our latest development, S.O.Tech’s Modular Panel Organizers or also known as our “Org Boards.” Using Tegris sheets, which is a composite material with high impact resistance we are able to laser cut each of our three sized organizers and guarantee quality. We have three sizes available: regular, micro, and clamshell.

The regular modular panel organizer has a dimension of 9″ x 6″. The panel comes with an adjustable elastic shock cord and a series of laser cut holes that allow you to loop the elastic cord. This panel allows for attachments of tools of all shapes. The cord can be routed through multiple possible configurations. The panel is backed with male hook for attachment to female loop fields inside a medical pack. This organizer comes standard with our Micro Mission Medical Packs and our Cobra Packs.

Our micro modular panel organizer has a dimension of 7.87″ x 3″. This panel also includes a male hook backing for attachment and elastic shock cord to be looped through laser cut holes to hold your items. These organizers come standard with our Cobra Micro Pack.

Last in line is our Clamshell Panel Organizer, this is smallest of the organizer panels coming in at 7″ x 2.55″. The sizing of the organizer works well with pouch storage. The empty magazine pouches and pockets are wasted space so why not drop an organizer tray into them? The Clamshell is a pair of laser cut Tegris trays with elastic shock cord and slot and holes to arrange to open like a book or top to bottom like a note pad. Long cutouts can accept one wrap. The clamshell pairs well with S.O.Tech’ s new Delta Omega Pouch which helps you organizes all your ordnance.

Product Codes
Regular: MPO-CB
Micro: MPO-M-MCB
Clamshell: CPO-T

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