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For 18 years, Griffin Armament has aimed to provide our customers with the highest quality silencers, rifles, parts, and accessories at affordable prices for the majority of gun owners. With the release of the first two products in their new optics lineup, Griffin is meeting this objective by bringing quality, duty-ready optics to consumers at extremely competitive prices.

Developed, and tested by former army snipers in Watertown, WI, the Griffin lineup of optics currently has two offerings, with more coming soon: the 1-8x ICO™/MIL FFP LPVO and the Griffin Micro Sight™ Red Dot.


The Griffin 1-8x Ideal Carbine Optic™ (ICO™)/MIL LPVO provides users with a practical, advanced target engagement optic for use in all light conditions, at a variety of ranges, at a competitive price point. This optic features Griffin’s proprietary Ideal Carbine Optic™ MIL/BDC reticle that allows ranging of 19” targets out to 700m. Windage and bullet drop compensation marks allow accurate shot placement for a variety of common centerfire cartridges, including 5.56mm, 7.62x51mm, and 6.5 Creedmoor. The Griffin 1-8x ICO™ LPVO is a first focal plane optic that utilizes 1/10th MIL adjustment increments for precise optical adjustments and has 11 brightness settings for use in low light conditions.

Griffin Micro Sight™

The Griffin Micro Sight™ (GMS™) leads the compact lineup by supplying 50,000 hours of battery life, 1 MOA adjustments, 10 brightness settings, and 90MOA elevation & windage adjustments. The GMS™ comes equipped with a clear, non-distorted sight picture for an ideal viewing experience, parallax-free @25yds. Additional features include IPX7 water resistance, a 3MOA dot size in red or green illumination, and auto-off/shake-to-wake functionality. These sights are ideal for use on short-range carbines, handguns, and as backups for magnified optics enabling rapid transition to close-range targets, and improved ability to rapidly acquire distant targets at higher levels of magnification.

“Filling a void in the LPVO category for a functional rapid engagement reticle in an FFP optic, is what brought Griffin into optics. Having used a variety of optics in combat environments, I sought to deliver practicality, features, and value.  The goal of this optics lineup was to incorporate custom reticles with increased functionality into popular product segments that have a lot of versatility.  Optical technology has progressed significantly in the past decade, so the timing is right for us to deliver. I’m excited to put our real world experience into the development of the Griffin optics line into the future.  Look for more from us on this, we are excited to offer 18 years of brand equity and great customer service behind this optic program.”

– Austin, Product Development Manager, Griffin Armament 

1-8x ICO™/MIL FFP Key points :

• Aircraft aluminum grade body

• Illuminated (11 Brightness Levels)

• First Focal Plane (FFP) MIL/BDC Reticle (Ideal Carbine Optic™)

• Parallax fixed @ 150 yds

• 1/10th MIL Adjustment Increment

• 24mm Objective Diameter

• 1-8x Magnification

• Perpetual Lifetime Warranty (Mechanical) 2-Year Warranty (Electronics)

1-8x ICO™/MIL FFP LPVO Specs:

• DIMS: 11.0”L x 30mm tube diam.

• Weight: 19.0 oz

• Eye Relief: 100mm (3.94”)

• MSRP: $599.95

Griffin Micro Sight™ Key points :

• Acro® mounting footprint (ACRO® is a federally registered trademark of Aimpoint® Inc.)

• Fully-housed aluminum body

• Shockproof (1200Gs) and Fog proof

• 50,000 hours of battery life

• Auto-off & Shake Awake functionality

• IPX7 Water Resistance

• Parallax-free @25yds

• Perpetual Lifetime Warranty (Mechanical) 2-Year Warranty (Electronics)

Griffin Micro Sight™ Specs:

• DIMS: 1.85”L x 1.38”W x 1.27”H

• Weight: 2.5 oz

• Dot Size/Color: 3MOA (Choice Red or Green)

• Brightness: 10 Levels

• MSRP: $269.95

To find out more on Griffin Armament’s entire product line, please visit their website at www.GriffinArmament.com. For attendees of the 2024 SHOT Show, Griffin Armament will be exhibiting the Optimus, along with the rest of their product line.  Booth #20458.

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