Moshav Beit Nehemya, Israel, 20 February 2023:


General Robotics, Israel’s leader in Light Weight RCWS Systems and tactical robotics, highlights advanced integrations of the company’s systems over platforms from several manufacturers. The systems are displayed by several leading integrators participating in the IDEX defense exhibition and NAVDEX naval expo opening today in Abu Dhabi.

SHARK – Naval Light & Smart RCWS

On display is the SHARK, a remotely controlled weapon system (RCWS) mounting an M2HB .50 machine gun. SHARK is installed over the 170M DETECTOR, an autonomous vessel developed by the ADSB company and IAI. (Stand 05-A05)

Built as a rugged, robust, seaworthy system, it is versatile enough to operate remotely on a cluttered deck, scoring direct hits at a sea state up to 3, where the platform and targets constantly move. With SHARK onboard, operators can benefit from advanced automation, stabilization, and platform integration functions such as the intuitive ‘Point & Shoot™ technology’. The AI-driven fire control runs a target prediction algorithm (TPA) to align the projectile’s path and the target’s expected location and points the weapon in that direction. Only then is a burst fired. This technique has demonstrated a hit accuracy of over 80 percent.

Pitbull RCWS mounting the Sig Sauer MG338


The latest version of the PITBULL lightweight RCWS is shown in two configurations. One is shown by the Abu Dhabi company EDT, mounted on Plasan’s ATEMM, a ground robotic vehicle that can be deployed as an unattended weapon system. The ATEMM on display carries a stack of loitering weapons, self-protected by General Robotics’ PITBULL RCWS mounting the .50 CAL H2MG. (Stand 11-C07). The PITBULL is also displayed with the new MG338 at Sig Sauer’s Stand 02-B14.

PITBULL RCWS mounted on Plasan’s ATEMM.

Teamwork – DOGO and CHAMELEON.

Robotic Teamwork

The teamwork of two operational robotic systems developed by General Robotics is also explored. DOGO, a small tracked armed reconnaissance robot optimized for operations indoors, is now geared to work with Chameleon as a marsupial robot carried on DOGO’s back or thrown up to a higher floor or roof to enhance situational awareness and extend communications link. DOGO and CHAMELEON are on display at International Golden Group (IGG) at Stand 04-C20

PITBULL provides the hard kill element of UAE’s Resource Industries’ C-UAS suite.

PITBULL Anti Drone

Another version of PITBULL highlights the system’s anti-drone capabilities. PITBULL can be equipped with electronic effectors from D-FEND Solutions or Droneshield for soft-kill or employ a firearm with its sophisticated automatic target recognition, tracking, and advanced target prediction capabilities for hard kill. Resource Industries (Booth CP-050) shows the PITBULL Anti-Drone in this configuration.

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