Enforce Tac – Carinthia Poncho System

Austria’s Carinthia continues to introduce new products including the Carinthia Poncho System, consisting of two components (Poncho PRO-C and Poncho PRO-R) which can be used alone or in concert with one another.

The PRO-R offers rain protection while the PRO-C is for cold protection. In addition to use as a poncho and tarp, the ponchos can be configured as a sleeping bag, with or without bivy. There is a zip-on hood for the Poncho PRO-C which incorporates mosquito netting.

Seen above is a new proprietary camouflage pattern developed by Carinthia.

Coming Autumn 2023.

US Elite has begun to bring Carinthia products into the US. Hopefully, they’ll include CPS.

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