Two years ago, the email service I was using to notify all of you when I had posted a new article became defunct.


In looking for a replacement email notification system, we found that most of the programs  charged between $300 and $700 a month for a service similar to what we were getting for free through the now-defunct Google Feedburner program. 


My problem is that my email list is too big.  It costs lots of money to send multiple emails a week to a list of 12K + subscribers.  Even with the additional page views building my advertising revenue, I would still be losing money if I shelled out $500+ a month for an email updating service.

Recently, my webmaster found a more affordable solution and we have it up and running on the site.  Email updates are back!


We have decided not to do daily updates like we did in the past.  Now, if you sign up for the email updates, you will get an email at around 12 noon (Eastern) linking to all the articles I published during the previous week.


If you would like to join the free weekly email update list, go to my homepage.  At the upper right corner of the page, you will see a sidebar that looks like the photo below.  Enter your email address and you will get an update every Friday linking to all the articles I published in the previous week.



For a better service, you can also subscribe to my Patreon Page.  For $10 a year, you will get ad free, full text copies of every article I publish directly to your email.  If you would like to save my articles, the ad-free Patreon emails make it exceptionally easy to do so.  With the Patreon, you’ll also get daily updates every time I publish instead of once a week with the free email program.


I know most of you get your news via various social media outlets.  That’s great, so long as the content promoted on the social media outlet fits with their political persuasion.  My articles aren’t very popular with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Those programs are actively “shadow banning” my content.  I get half the page views today as compared to what I saw in the 2014-2016 era.  If you want to see all my content, you will have to sign up for either the free weekly email updates or my Patreon page.  Even though I put all my articles up on Facebook and Twitter, you aren’t likely to see them in your news feed.


If you really want to see my material, please sign up for either the Patreon site or the free weekly email updates.  I’d also appreciate it if you forwarded this information to your self-defense minded friends.  I look forward to seeing more audience engagement in the future!




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