Combat Flip Flops Releases the 100% Afghan Cashmere Shemagh

This 100% Afghan Cashmere Shemagh is sourced and loomed in Kabul, Afghanistan. Prior to the fall of Kabul, Combat Flip Flops worked to set up a full supply chain in Afghanistan to support cashmere goat herders, workers to harvest the material, and looms to weave the finest scarf on the market.

Two weeks prior to the fall of Afghanistan, Combat Flip Flops received the first samples, then everything fell apart…


While the rest of the world gave up on our Afghan partners, Combat Flip Flops didn’t. After two years of navigating every problem you could imagine in Afghanistan while enduring a significant tactical pause, the Kabul team is finally back to work.


Made in Afghanistan Colors: Black, Grey, Coyote 44″x44″

100% Afghan Cashmere

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