Lt. Gen. Tony Bauernfeind, Commander of Air Force Special Operations Command, released the 2023 AFSOC strategic guidance on September 18. 

The strategic guidance aligns with the 2022 National Defense Strategy and sets forth a framework for Air Commandos, their readiness, and pathfinding efforts. The command is transforming to properly prepare, prevent, and prevail against any adversary in today’s complex and uncertain operational environment.

“Warfighting, valor, and innovation are in our DNA,” said Bauernfeind. “We draw inspiration from the great legacy of Air Commandos who came before us. AFSOC has an immense history of Air Commandos who have paved the way, and we are committed to continuing the legacy in the years to come.”

The strategic guidance emphasizes that the AFSOC mission is to enable the joint force by delivering SOF Mobility, Strike, ISR and Air-to-Ground capabilities across the spectrum of competition and conflict.

The three lines of effort to achieve this mission are:

– Inspire and Develop a High-Performing Air Commando Force

– Trained and Ready Air Commandos

– Rapidly Pathfinding Concepts and Capabilities to WIN

Through these efforts, AFSOC will ensure that we sustain the level of peerless and professional Air Commandos in our force, that we are always ready to answer the nation’s call, and that we will advance our capabilities to create dilemmas for our adversaries.

“It’s going to take every Air Commando to implement this guidance,” said Bauernfeind. “I acknowledge that we’re in the whitewater of change, but I also know that we’re up for the challenge. The current and future operating environments will be demanding, but we will succeed because of our competitive advantage… our Air Commandos.”

By Air Force Special Operations Command Public Affairs

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