Here are the classes I’m doing in the next two months that still have open seats.  Check them out below.  If you are a $10 tier Patreon supporter and missed the email with your 20% off discount codes for these (except the class at Blackwing), contact me and I will send it to you.



After teaching at the Rangemaster Tactical Conference (sold out), I head to scenic Culpeper, Virginia to teach a two-day extreme close quarters gunfighting class.  The class already has 12 registrations and is definitely going to happen.  If you will be in the area, sign up and come have some fun.



April 13-14, 2024- Extreme Close Quarters Gunfighting (2-Day) at FPF Training in Culpeper, Virginia.

This class can be purchased in both one and two-day formats.  The base class is the two-day version of my Extreme Close Quarters Gunfighting class.  The second day will build on the concepts introduced in day one and will include: dealing with life threatening empty hand attacks, multiple attackers, partner rescue scenarios, attackers charging with contact weapons, more shooting, and more weapon retention. We will also add a bit of ground fighting if time allows. 


Anyone who has taken any of my one-day ECQ gunfighting classes in the past two years may register for the second day as a stand alone class.


Registration link and description of  the two-day version of the class.

Registration link to the SECOND DAY ONLY version of the class for those who have already completed Day One.





The following weekend I head to Ed Monk’s place in Arkansas for revolver and shotgun classes.  Both classes have already met the minimum number of students I need and will be held.  There are about five more seats left in each class.



April 20, 2024- Concealed Carry Revolver at Last Resort Firearms Training near Little Rock, Arkansas.  Registration details here.


April 21, 2024- Home Defense Shotgun at Last Resort Firearms Training near Little Rock, Arkansas.  Registration details here




In May, I’ll be starting out in Ohio teaching the only carbine coursework I am doing for the year.  This will be on an air conditioned indoor range.  If you carry a folding stock rifle or braced “pistol” in a backpack or sling bag, you need this class.



May 5, 2024- Covert Carbine at Blackwing Shooting Center in Delaware, Ohio.  Registration details here.




At the end of May, I’ll be traveling to Mississippi to teach at the excellent Boondocks Academy facility.  These classes still need several students each to meet my minimum class size.  If you are thinking about attending these, you should definitely register in the next three weeks or so.



May 25, 2024- Tactical Shotgun for Home Defense at Boondocks Academy in Mississippi.  Registration details here.


May 26, 2024- Concealed Carry Revolver at Boondocks Academy in Mississippi.  Registration details here.





For the rest of my 2024 schedule, see my Upcoming Classes Page.


I hope to see some of you in the next couple months!





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