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Do You Really Have to Clean Your Guns?

If you keep your guns well lubricated, they can go a long time between cleanings.



Why Your EDC Won’t Be Enough (and How To Fix It)

“Be a Force Generalist”



The forensics of gunshot entry wounds

My friend and fellow instructor Dr. Andy Anderson co-authored this paper to expand working physicians’ knowledge of wound ballistics.  He has additional plans to illustrate the effects of contact-distance shooting on the appearance of entry wounds.



Portland Resident Risks Life to Stop Car Thief

I think a lot of folks don’t adequately think through the possible consequences of intervention before jumping in to stop an in-progress crime.  Is protecting your friend’s car from being stolen worth taking a bullet?



If It Doesn’t Work Against A Skilled Opponent, Then It Doesn’t Work At All

I constantly struggle with the ideas the author presents in this article.  He is absolutely correct in his analysis and recommendations.  The problem I deal with is one of students who aren’t motivated or do not want to take the time to develop an advanced skill set.

Do you teach the 80 year-old grandma techniques to defend against a 25-year old MMA expert?  She’ll never be able to win that fight.  If we train her with the idea that she will be fighting “the best,” she may never develop an adequate skill set due to physical problems or a lack of motivation.

Is it better instead to teach her a simple technique that might work against 50% of the untrained criminals she faces?  At what point do we knowingly teach subpar techniques because something is better than nothing?



The Chilling Words of the Nashville Trans School Shooter Reportedly Leaked

Take a look at the photos of her journal. On her way to the school she stopped at my favorite Nashville shooting range (Royal Range) to “gear up,” load her guns, and put them in her trunk for easy access upon arrival to her chosen murder site.
Where would handling weapons be unnoticed or considered “normal” behavior? In the parking lot of a shooting range.
Many of us gun owners regularly shoot at public ranges. Are you alert for anomalies in the parking lot?


Ayoob: How to Draw from a Shoulder Holster

Massad Ayoob gives us some shoulder holster advice.



Necessary Learning Points!

Last week I wrote a post about my concerns about current events.  In it, I wrote “the rules have changed.”  In this podcast, Michael elucidates exactly how the rules have changed and why the training you have thus far received might be inadequate in the face of the realities of modern threats.  The quote he used to sign off of the episode explains a lot of what’s happening today.  “Passionate hatred can give meaning and purpose to an empty life.”



7 Signs A Weapon Is Being Concealed That You Should Know

Being able to recognize the signs of someone carrying a concealed handgun is a tremendously useful survival skill.  So is hiding your own gun from public recognition.  You should also watch How Can You Tell if Someone is Carrying a Gun.



Reactive Shooting Science: 80% of Shooting is Mental

What I’m reading…

I was fortunate to train with Ron twice (winning the class “top gun” award in both classes) before he died.  I’m looking forward to getting deeper into this one.



1918 Pistol Shooting Article

I really enjoy reading about the history of our art.



Should You Carry a Defensive Pistol?

Teaching gun classes is my full time job.  With that said, not everyone is best served by owning or carrying a firearm for personal protection.  Uncle Zo provides some questions to consider in order to evaluate whether or not you should consider a firearm in your self protection plans.  If you decide to own/carry a gun, read Skill and Confidence: Earmarks of Mastery.



Control the Hall Control the Floor

Good team tactics and building clearing advice.  I agree with the author’s recommendations in general, but you may have to modify things a bit if you only have one other armed person on your “team.”

For some more information on team building clearing tactics, read The Folly Of The Four Man Stack.



Six experts share their advice regarding the everyday carry self-defense handgun.

Solid advice to consider.



Urban Eats: 5 Edible Plants to Forage in the City

Most of these plants are available throughout the USA.



I Have Been Thinking About This Gun I Own and Asking Myself Questions About Responsibility

A very thought provoking analogy.  I’m looking forward to reading Dr. Yamane’s newly finished book.



Reinventing the Wheel(Gun) Revolvers for Today’s World

“Properly trained and equipped, the revolver man is at no disadvantage in a pistol fight. I believe strongly that you aren’t a gun guy unless you can run and shoot a revolver.”

You should know how to run a single-action revolver as well.



Why Try Dry?

I’m a big fan of the SIRT and LaserLyte pistols for dry practice.



Killer Apps

How social media might be contributing to the increasing murder rate.



Is The Pump Action Shotgun Obsolete?

My primary shotgun is a Benelli 1301.  With that said, I saw lots of shooters doing excellent work with pump guns when I taught at the Thunderstick Shotgun Summit a few weeks ago.

No matter if you use a pump or a semi-automatic, you need to learn how to do a select slug drill.



Often Overlooked Emergency Light Source

This is actually a pretty good idea.  My cordless drill, electric leaf blower, and string trimmer all run on the same battery.  I keep the batteries on the charger so they are ready to go.  It’s a good idea to pick up a work light that uses the same batteries.

For some more excellent preparedness ideas, read Roll Back The Clock. And Note There’s An Election Coming.



Staging Your Long Gun

I think it’s useful to reevaluate your long-held beliefs on a regular basis.



The Truth about Lobbying

Taking a look at how much gun rights political groups spend on lobbying as compared to other industries.



What to Eat and What to Avoid When You Have Diarrhea when travelling

A thorough primer on traveler’s diarrhea.  Although not mentioned in the article, I think it’s useful to bring some antibiotics for serious diarrhea when traveling in a foreign country.  The standard recommendation is Ciprofloxicin for most of the world and Azithromycin for SE Asia.  Talk to your doc or visit a local pharmacy when you land in a foreign country.



The latest legal updates for braced “pistols.”



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