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Managing Expectations

I’m placing this article at the top of the list because it’s important and you should read it.  “Bendigo” is an talented writer and has some valuable life experiences to share. The stuff he talks about in the article is the difference between the amateur and the professional in the field of applied violence.

It’s cool to do a sub-second draw with your red dot equipped and compensated Staccato, but it’s way cooler to have the mindset and skills to prevail against multiple attackers with a .38 snub.

I’m honored to be a distracting thought in his mind during a potentially life-changing encounter. He displayed a depth of cognitive and tactical acumen that few gun owners will ever attain.



‘Sharp Increase’: More Than 100K Police Officers Attacked on the Job in Two Years

One of the many reasons police agencies across the nation are having staffing shortages.  Think about how this continual attack on police might affect your personal safety and take measres to learn to care for yourself.  For more information, check out Police Week — Our Losses From 2023.



The DOPE Drill: Combining Speed and Accuracy

This looks like a fun drill to try.  You may also like The CSAT Pistol Standards and The CSAT Rifle Standards.

Need some more practice drills?  Try Pistol Shooting Drills for Combat Marksmanship.



How to Recognize and Clear Handgun Malfunctions

Most (99%+) gun owners never train beyond a basic CCW course.  It’s obvious when I see them trying to clear malfunctions.  Malfunctions happen far more often in gunfights than they do in your plinking sessions.  You must be able to reflexively recognize and clear them without conscious thought.  That takes both training and practice.



Considerations for Fighting With a Little One at Your Side

Some good information about fighting when in the presence of your kids.



Conceal Carry During Pregnancy | The Second Trimester

Continuing with the family theme, here is the second installment in a series on carrying when pregnant.



Don’t Use Birdshot For Home Defense Includes Turkey Loads

More on the never-ending birdshot drama.



The Last Voice I Hear


An important piece of firearms training history.  For more history lessons, read Applegate’s House of Horrors (1945) and The Fitz Special Revolver.



What’s gun ownership like in Europe?

Interesting information for you world travelers.



Dave Spaulding: Killing Sacred Cows!

Michael and Dave talk sights in a gunfight.



So you Wanna Take a Shooting Course?

An incredibly informative piece about what you should do before your next shooting class.  Dave mentions a personal pet peeve of mine…unloaded magazines.  Load your magazines before class.  If I have a class of 20 students, 15 of them will show up with pre-filled magazines.  The other five students will waste an enormous amount of class time to fill their magazines while the other students and I wait.

Your are going to a shooting class.  You will have to shoot.  That demands magazines full of ammo.  Don’t waste your instructor’s time.  Load your shit the night before class.



What comes after “Fried Chicken Ready”?

A little humor for you today.



Giving Commands

Important concepts for my police readers to understand.



What are the Best Aftermarket GLOCK Upgrades for Concealed Carry

A comprehensive look at Glock upgrades.  For what it’s worth, the only upgrade I think is mandatory is aftermarket sights.  I have an X300 light on my bedside Glock and striker control devices on the Glocks I carry in the appendix position.  Otherwise my Glock carry guns are completely stock.



Real Defensive Gun Use Reminds Us Why We Carry Chamber Full

If you don’t feel comfortable carrying with a chambered round, you should either seek more training or carry a revolver.  Thinking you’ll have the time/ability to rack a round into the chamber during your gunfight is equivalent to thinking you’ll have time to put your seatbelt on before the drunk driver crashes into your car.

Rich Grassi has more on the topic in Skill Set: Condition 3? Again?




Hock’s thoughts on chokes and strangles are worth your time to read.



My Bad $20—A Tribute to Jack Clemons

I met Jack Clemons more than 10 years ago when I did an episode of Ballistic Radio when he was co-hosting.  I truly enjoyed every conversation I had with him.  He left us too soon.  You owe it to yourself to watch his “My Bad $20 video”  linked in the article above.



When You Should (and Shouldn’t) Use a Shoulder Holster

I regularly get questions about shoulder holsters.  I’m really not the right person to ask.  I had one for a S&W 3913 in the mid 1990s.  I hated it and never bought another.  Here is some info from a trusted source on the topic.



Greg Ellifritz’s Concealed Carry Revolver AAR

Thanks to Doug for the excellent review of last weekend’s snub revolver class.  I will cover some lessons learned from the class in an article next week for my $5/month Patreon members.



Gun Curious: A Liberal Professor’s Surprising Journey Inside America’s Gun Culture

What I’m reading…

Dr. Yamane’s book will be available on Amazon tomorrow.  I’m reading a pre-publication reviewer copy David sent me and I’m really enjoying it.



Rangemaster Newsletter

Great information in Tom’s June newsletter.




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