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The Ancient FBI Machine Gun Course

I love history and I love guns.  Those facts mean that I really enjoyed this article.  It might be a fun drill to do with some of the smaller pistol caliber carbines.  If you want a more modern subgun qualification, try The LAPD SWAT MP5 Qual.  If you are looking for more shooting drills (as you should be) you may also consider the  El Cerrito Handgun Qual.

If ammo is too expensive for you and you still want to improve your skill, I would suggest Two Dry Fire Drills from Mike Ox.



Ayoob Files Davy Crockett’s Shootings

One more history article for you today.  Read Massad Ayoob’s accounts of Davy Crockett’s known shootings/gunfights.



Survival Guide: Dave Spaulding Rules of Conflict

I’m glad to see my friend Dave Spaulding is writing again.  Take his advice and read everything he writes.  Doing so will extend your life expectancy.



Gunsmithing: 5 Ways To Remove Frozen Screws

Options for dealing with a frozen screw on your gun.



Storing Loaded Gun Magazines: A Good Idea?

People debate this topic far too often.  At the present time, magazines are cheap and available.  I treat them all as an essentially disposable commodity.  Store you mags any way you want, but be ready to trash them the very second they start having reliability problems. 

One other fact that the author did not note is that shotgun tubular mag springs are made of steel that is much thinner than the springs in a handgun or carbine magazine.  The shotgun springs can have shortened life if kept fully compressed for a significant time period.



Field Shooting Accuracy Study

A fascinating analysis of 149 shootings involving Dallas police officers.  Some of the outcomes might surprise you.



What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding: A Memoir

What I’m reading…

Besides reading books about guns and fighting, I also really enjoy travel memoirs.  I’m finding this one exceptionally entertaining.  The author and I have been to an eerily similar number of countries.  Several times I have laughed, having experienced the same adventures in the same countries she was visiting.  Her life has had a very similar trajectory to mine.



7.62×39 Vs 5.56 NATO: Pros, Cons, & What Is Best For You?

Noting the differences between and the utility of two of the most common rifle rounds in the USA.



5 Cases That Show the Dangers of a Hair Trigger

Have you lightened the trigger pull on your carry gun?  Massad Ayoob explains why you don’t want to go too light.



Wasp Spray Is For Wasps

I can’t understand why this myth persists.  Wasp spray is a horrible choice as a self defense weapon.  It simply doesn’t work on people.  Here is yet another case of someone using the spray for self protection and getting killed when it was ineffective.  I mistakenly sprayed some wasp spray at a nest on my back porch last year.  The wind blew the stream directly back into my eyes.  Both eyes were hit with the spray.  It didn’t even cause a minor irritation.

Wasp spray is useless against humans.  Your best bet is either POM or Sabre Red pepper spray.  If for some reason you can’t use those effective chemicals, a large dry powder fire extinguisher or a can of highly corrosive oven cleaner is a far better option than bug spray.



Less-Offensive EDC Tools

Another less lethal weapon for your consideration.  I carry a flashlight everywhere I go.  In addition to providing light, the right flashlight makes a great small impact weapon.



The Dangerous Lack of Accountability of Influencers and Meme Pages

Choose your gurus wisely.  I am not an “influencer” and have no desire to be.  My training background and experience is shared prominently on my website.  Be very cautious when choosing to take a class from someone who fails to show you what work he has (or hasn’t) put in to mastering the art.

While you are on the Primer Peak site, check out My Favorite Gun Blogs [2023].



Understanding Zero for Handguns

Many beginning handgunners don’t realize that different loads will shoot to different points of impact.  Claude Werner explains the process here.

If you are interested in changing the zero of your pistol, this article covers some of the basics.




Rangemaster’s monthly newsletter is must-read material.



Counterfeit tourniquets are a serious problem

Ensure that this important piece of life-saving equipment isn’t a poorly constructed Chinese knock off.



Man Gets Run Over After Nasty Bar Fight

Life is cheap.  Yet another example of why you shouldn’t be arguing with random folks out on the street.  Things can go bad incredibly quickly.



Guns and Kids

Do you have kids at home?  You need to read this article.



Bug-Out or Bug-In What’s the difference?

Some deeper thinking on the topics of emergency planning.



How to Make Appendix Carry Dangerous

This is a good video.  I might add that stepping back with the strong side leg as suggested by TLG, may not be optimal for all body types.  Where I carry, there is minimal risk of shooting myself in the strong side leg.  The muzzle is generally pointed at my left leg when holstering, so that’s the leg I drop back.

While we are discussing appendix carry, you should also read You’re Not Too Fat to Appendix Carry.



The Next Steps

I share a lot of the same sentiments with the author.  On John Hearne’s automaticity chart, I am solidly in Column Three and hit a couple of the standards for Column Four.  The effort it would take to get my handgun shooting completely in the fourth column far outpaces the utility I would obtain through doing so.  I’m an 80% guy.  I could become a 95% guy, but that level of effort will seriously diminish growth in other (more important) aspects of my life.



Buying A Used Pistol: What To Look For In The Glock, 1911 And Beretta 9MM

A gunsmith shares some excellent advice about buying a variety of used pistols.



Just Because It Says “.38” Doesn’t Mean It Is

More information than you ever thought you wold need about .38 revolvers.



Many prescription pharmaceuticals retain their full potency for decades beyond their manufacturer-ascribed expiration dates

Please don’t throw away your prescription meds because they are expired.  I discuss this topic in depth in my systems collapse medical class.  Read the article above.  In the closed drugstore study 10 of the 12 medicines they tested remained the same potency 28-40 years past their expiration dates.



Safe Driving: How to Back Out of a Kill Zone

Here’s a great article about how to safely back away from a road block or ambush site.



The Ultimate Man-NOT-Stopper

“Thus, our question is no longer, “What is the biggest/best-est gun we can carry?” but “What can I use most effectively to put a bullet into a physiologically important spot on a bad guy under intense stress in sub-optimal conditions?” Once you answer this question, you’re ready to face the mean streets of Main Street USA.”



An Empty Gun Is Useless: Mastering Speed Reloads

The three types of reloads you should master.




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