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Thoughts On The Snub Mindset

Important considerations for those of you who choose to carry a snub revolver.



The Significance of the Spencer Repeating Carbine

Marlan gives us all an excellent history lesson.



Two Person Tactics

John Murphy talks about some considerations about working as a two-person team.

On the same topic, you might also like Team Tactics: Pernicious Pas De Deux



The Gentlemen & The Roughs

A short (18 minute) podcast interview with Dr. Lorien Foote. In it, she describes how the concept of honor varied between the elites and the commoners during the Civil War. Students of the combative arts should pay attention to her description of how the “roughs” dealt with any type of social insult or affront. You can expect a very similar reaction (based on a somewhat similar “code”) from the disaffected urban youth who choose to victimize you.



We’ll Soon Find Out

JHK provides some Covid details that you aren’t hearing about in the mainstream media. He predicts that the Covid lies, combined with a coming economic collapse will result in serious riots throughout the country when the weather warms up. I can’t say I disagree with his reasoning.




Aaron Cowan’s latest white paper about the topic.  Thanks to Memphis Beech for digging up the link and posting it.



Hotel Manager Attacked at Loading Dock! | First Person Defender

My friends Chris Cerino and Brian Hill conduct some good force on force training scenarios.  You might also be interested in Man Attacked in Vehicle! | First Person Defender.

Force on force training scenarios like these are the best ways to get good at managing chaos.



Protecting Houses of Worship, Part 1: Training Organizations, Groups, and Individuals

I regularly get questions about church security training.  My company does not offer church-specific classes (although I will do the classes I already teach for church groups).  Here is a list of better options for those of you looking specifically for church security training sessions.

Part Two contains additional resources on the same topic.

For additional information about church security, read Steve Moses’ article: The God Squad: Protecting Houses of Worship.



Off Duty Officer Grapples With Robber

My off duty cop friends should really think about which incidents merit intervention.  In my mind there is no way I would intervene in this bullshit if I wasn’t being paid to do so.  Is it worth getting involved in a shooting?  Not a chance.



Credit Card Company Seeks to “Discover” (and Report) Your Gun-Related Purchases

Something to be aware of.



Office Carry Worth Losing Your Job?

Since I’ve retired from my cop job, I’ve vowed to never take another “job” for the rest of my life.  I will continue to teach and write, but I will never again work for an organization that could fire me.  I realize that’s not the reality for most of my readers.  Complying with workplace weapons restrictions is a condition that most folks are required to obey.  If that describes your job situation, this article will be useful.



The Hidden Advantage of Shooting Revolvers

One of the reasons that I shoot my revolvers several times a month.



The Simple Reason You MUST Embrace Your Dark Side | Jordan Peterson

A couple weeks ago I posted a clip of a Jordan Peterson lecture where he made the statement that being weak was not virtuous.  Being capable of violence, but having that under control should be all of our goals.  This lecture goes a little bit deeper into his philosophy.



Teaching us to Hate Guns and Despise Gun Owners

How politicians and the media demonize gun owners.



The Armed Citizen’s “New Normal”

“Becoming an armed citizen, one needs to accept a “new normal” in certain areas of their lives, and form new habits commensurate with the duties and responsibilities of a responsibly, lawfully armed citizen. These changes include how we pay attention to our surroundings, how we interact with others, and how much effort we put into our own skill.”



On Aggression – Rory Miller and Terry Trahan

“Our experience is that lower levels of force applied decisively are more effective than higher levels of force applied emotionally. Aggression is a very easy trip to the land of excessive force and decisiveness is not. When you decide, you are in control, when you react with emotion, you are riding a train that is not driven by your rational mind.

Essentially, decisiveness may not be accessible to novices and so there is some utility in emphasizing aggressiveness and rage. However, it is only a doorway to reach the ability to be decisive. Decisiveness gives you all of the benefits of aggression without the pitfalls.”



Project: Set Up A Burner Phone

I think this is a valuable project.  I might also suggest that foreign travelers set up a spare cheap unlocked smartphone with all the traveling apps you use.  Having a backup phone is critical if you lose your primary or it is stolen.

You should also read Paul’s article on ammunition stockpiling.



Skill Set: The Great Caliber Debate?

Despite being the guy who wrote an article on handgun “stopping power” after researching almost 2000 real life shootings, I think we spend too much time trying to optimize this variable.  The more I research the topic, the more I realize that shot placement is an exponentially better predictor of “stopping power” than caliber is.



International Travel with Firearms

I travel internationally quite a bit, but I’ve never traveled outside the country with a gun.  This article provides a good outline of the procedures you need to follow to stay out of jail.



Gnar Country: Growing Old, Staying Rad

What I’m reading…

I’m already old.  Hopefully I’ll be rad after reading the book.  I’ve met Mr. Kotler and heard a couple of his lectures.  He’s a genius and I hope to learn a lot from his book.



What Does “Mindset” Actually Mean? Part 2

Shelley’s second installment on the topic of mindset.



In Honor Of Peter Wang

The late Marcus Wynne talks about some basic questions he used to evaluate school security and gave an example of the specific tactics he recommended as a consultant to a school with a particular risk profile for a terrorist attack.



Top 5 Handgun Drills: Make Ready

Some drills for your next practice session.  You might also try the classic The El Presidente Drill.  Want some work with a long gun?  Try The New Jersey Shotgun Qual.



Federal Punch 38 Special Ballistic Test!

Caleb tests a couple of new .38 rounds through two different revolvers.




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