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The Best Defensive Shotgun Ammo Out There

Some of the better shotgun self protection loads on the market.  While we are talking shotguns, do you think your shotgun should have a red dot optic?



Another Look at Go Signals For Counter-Ambushes in Armed Robberies

Understanding this concept is critical for the self protector.



Think: The 5th Fundamental

“Sure, you’re always striving to improve, but at some point, your practice should include decision-making. The real “speed” is in making the decision to move, draw and, if need be, shoot. Indecision on when to draw or shoot and you’ll feel the need to go fast. “Fast” is always full of mistakes, which just consume more time. Wait too long, and it won’t matter how fast you can perform; the opportunity has passed.”



How a Black-Powder Revolver Saved My Life

“How’s that phrase go? The gun you have with you is better than the one you have at home.”



The End of the World as We Know It…and We’re Not Fine

Michael Bane talks about the new realities in the self protection landscape. Are your trainers discussing this?



Top 6 Appendix Carry Mistakes

Quality information here for anyone who carries a concealed firearm.



Prepared: A Manual for Surviving Worst-Case Scenarios

What I’m reading…




Violence is Golden




Believe in “Non-Violence?”  You won’t after reading this.

A lot of you will like the author’s book Becoming a Barbarian.



Concealed Carry Holsters

I personally know all of the experts interviewed in this article.  They are all experienced gunfighters.  Pay attention to what they have to say.



Traveling With a Gun?

Tim does things a little bit differently than I do them, but this is still extremely solid information for you folks flying with guns.



Going Red Dot: An Analytical Approach

Massad Ayoob’s thoughts on red dot handgun sights.



Home Defense 5.56mm Ammo: IMI’s Mk 262 Clone 77gr OTM gel test

I regularly get questions about the 75-77 grain 5.56mm loads for self protection.  Even from a short barrel, the 77 grain OTM round proves very capable (so long as intermediate barriers are not present).



Should You Include Narcan in Your Trauma Kit?

In my best estimate, I responded to somewhere between 75 and 100 overdose calls in my police career.  I remember the days before intra-nasal Narcan.  We basically called the paramedics and watched the patients die before the medics arrived.  Then we started reviving people with Narcan.  I’m not going to tell you how to make your own moral decisions, but having experienced both watching folks die and reviving them with Narcan, I will tell you that I feel a whole lot better about my Narcan saves than the cases where I watched the OD victim take his last breath.

I have Narcan in all my medical kits.



Common Folding Knife Locking Methods

A good overview for all of you interested in self protection knives.



The Left-Handed Revolver Reload

In last week’s knowledge dump I liked to the Revolver Guy’s article covering the universal revolver reloading method.  Here is his followup article for you lefties.  If you are left handed and new to the gun world, I also highly recommend that you peruse ADC’s Sinister Studies: Serious Scrutiny into Southpaw Shooting series.



Simply Rugged Ammo Pouches

If you read the articles above and are considering revolver reloads, please take a look at Rob’s gear.  I carry his speedloader cases or speed strip pouches whenever I am carrying a revolver reload.



Fairbairn “Shooting to Live” drills

Karl Rehn’s thoughts on the original Sykes/Fairbairn point shooting drills.  Read Claude Werner’s take on the topic as well.  Finally, read Claude’s analysis of the Charlotte Bus Shootout to understand how these tactics work in real life.



Skills Check: Snap-Shooting Rifle Drill

A very useful 30 round skill builder drill that will tune up your rusty rifle handling ability.



Knowledge vs. Wisdom: The Best of Both Worlds

“Knowledge is the accumulation of information and facts, while wisdom is the ability to apply that knowledge in a meaningful way. Knowledge can be taught and learned, but wisdom is gained through experience and reflection.

Knowledge is undoubtedly valuable, but it is limited in its usefulness. The possession of knowledge alone does not guarantee success, nor does it guarantee the ability to solve complex problems. Knowledge is merely the raw material that is transformed into wisdom through reflection and experience.”



Pepper Spray Training

While I believe that people carrying pepper spray should seek training on how best to use it,  realize that such training is often hard to find.  If you carry spray without training, at least watch Mickey’s video here.  You should also check out my comprehensive article on pepper spray.



A History of FBI Handguns


A look at all the handguns the FBI has used over the years since its inception.  Speaking of history, this article will likely keep you history buffs entertained.



Other Eyes

Clint’s thoughts about open versus closed eyes and cross eye dominance.




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