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There Have Been at Least 9 Attacks on the Energy Infrastructure Since November

If you aren’t preparing for a long term power outage, I believe you are making a mistake.

How We Get the .380 ACP All Wrong

My readers always like .380 acp content.

Store Robbery Shows Why You Need To Practice Your Stance

Two people using almost textbook “instinctive point shooting” techniques at close range.  Neither hit their intended targets.

Pistol Brace Amnesty is a Trap?

Read this before you consider registering your braced pistol with the BATFE.

Intimate Partner Violence: Warning Signs

A very good list of warning signs for domestic violence originally noted in the book The Gift of Fear.  If you haven’t read the book, you should.  It’s one of the true classics in the field.

Active School Shooter Training: 14 Key Points to Consider

Good information for anyone who may be responding to a school shooting.

The Long Term Budget Shotgun: The H&R Pardner 12 gauge; the Chinese Made Remington 870 with a Humpback Receiver

Sherman House shares some ideas for a budget shotgun setup.  And if you are looking for a new shooting drill for your shotgun, check out the Maine Criminal Justice Society Shotgun Qual.

SHOT Show: Number 1 FLITECONTROL Ain’t Coming Back…Yet

Sorry to disappoint you shotgun nerds, but flight control #1 buck isn’t coming back anytime soon.


The latest Secret Service research on active killers.  Opens to PDF.

Expired Meds: CAN You Use Them?

Extremely informative summary of the research on the effectiveness of expired medications.  I go over this topic in depth during my Systems Collapse medical class.  If you want some more information, I’d love to see you in an upcoming class.

Die With Zero: Getting All You Can from Your Money and Your Life

What I’m reading….

Prior To The Peacemaker

A complete history of Colt cap and ball revolvers before the 1873 Single Action Army. When you finish that article, read about Smith and Wesson’s competitor to the Peacemaker.

On-Body CCW For the Disabled: Holster Designs

A physical therapist discusses holster options for folks with physical disabilities.

Advanced Skills

“There are no advanced techniques, but, as Paul pointed out in his comment, “…there is advanced application.” You’ll know you’re advanced when you can do it without trying so hard. You’ll know you’re advanced, when you’re thinking about what you’re going to do, three steps ahead of where you are now. You’ll know you’re advanced when you no longer worry about being advanced.

Quit looking for the “Secret Scrolls of Knowledge of the Sect of Secret Squirrels,” and follow Paul’s suggestion: “Do the work.”

John posts all his writing on his Patreon Page now.  Becoming one of his supporters is one of the best bargains in the tactical business.

5 Strategies For Effectively Completing a Tactical Reload

Massad Ayoob’s thoughts on tactical reloads.  I prefer to use the “reload with retention” method for getting the gun reloaded.  Magazine out.  Stash magazine in belt or pocket.  New magazine in.

I like that method because under stress, I see better results with students who are only handling one magazine at a time.

Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds

I think this is critical information for those of you who debate with anti-gun folks.  Even if the facts are on our side, it doesn’t matter to the other side if they lose friends or social status by embracing what is ‘right.  Read this article and consider it deeply the next time you debate a person who may think differently about guns than we do.

Green Tip 5.56 NATO (M855): What Is it? What Is It Good For?

For those of you who are new to the AR-15 world and don’t know about “green tip” ammo.

Shotgun Emergency/Port Load

I’m surprised that many shotgun shooters don’t know this technique.  I think it’s an incredibly valuable reloading skill if you happen to empty your shotgun.  I’ve been to a lot of shotgun classes.  I think ALL of them taught that the round should be fed into the chamber from underneath the gun.  That has two advantages.  It keeps your arm from blocking your sight line and it may make it easier to catch a fumbled shell.

I’ve tried loading the shell from the underside of the shotgun hundreds of times, but I still default to going over the top.  Like the author of this post, I simply find it much faster.

America’s Police Exodus

A deep dive into the future of policing.

Training Rule #2 and Don’t Shoots

Have you trained to avoid muzzling “no shoot” targets in your training sessions?

Wheel Guns are Real Guns

“If you teach firearms and how to shoot, you should also be familiar with running a wheel gun. Professionally, I rarely go a week without running across somebody carrying a revolver as a primary or backup weapon. If they were struggling with meeting our qual standards or courses of fire, I should be able to teach them how they can improve their shooting and carry their handgun safely and use it proficiently.”

Pocket Knife Lock Types

One of the most informative articles I’ve seen about the relative strengths and weaknesses of the various types of knife locks.

A Structured Approach to Maximizing Draw Efficiency and Effectiveness

A structured way to improve your draw speed.

New Year’s Resolutions for Gun Owners

Some things you should be considering as we move into the new year.

How To Fight With A Folder: When Fixed Blades Aren’t An Option

If you plan on fighting with a folding knife, you better practice getting it out and open.

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