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How to Disassemble a Glock Magazine

Lots of folks don’t know how to disassemble the magazine from their Glock pistol.  If that describes you, please read the article above.



Plan on visiting DC? Don’t wear this coat, it’s like a target for thieves


A quick history lesson…

In the early 1990s violent crime rates were the highest the country has ever seen. Two of the most popular street crimes were carjackings and robberies where the thieves stole “Starter Jackets.” Bad guys would walk up to people wearing these coats, pull guns, and relieve them of their jackets.

Take a look at the article above. What are we seeing now? Lots of carjackings and street robberies of “Canada Goose” coats. History doesn’t repeat, but it sure does rhyme.

The difference between the 1990s and today was that in the 1990s, the population was fed up with violent crime. Lots of cops were hired and encouraged to hunt and jail violent criminals. “Three Strikes” laws were passed and bad people went to jail for a long time when they got caught.

Now, there is a massive shortage of cops. Those who are on the job are actively discouraged from arresting criminals. Prosecutors drop charges that are filed or offer plea bargains with no jail time.

How do you think this will turn out? Under these conditions, will crime increase or decrease?

There is one new variable in the equation. Now most people can carry handguns to defend themselves if they so desire. That wasn’t legally possible in most states 30 years ago.

I could make some predictions as to how things will turn out, but you won’t like to hear them.

Every day it seems like a better decision for me to sit on the sidelines in Mexico or the Caribbean and watch things burn. Foreign countries certainly have their dangers, but the social mores are a bit more clear and methods to handle criminals are a bit more flexible.

If you aren’t a single dude with no kids, no responsibilities, and a location-independent income who can flee this dumpster fire like I can, I would suggest learning how to take care of yourself. It is no longer the 1990s. The cops aren’t coming and this problem won’t be solved soon.



I Survived a Carjacking, 8 Takeaways

The article above covered robberies of coats.  I mentioned we are also seeing 1990s levels of carjacking as well.  Here’s a solid article providing counter-carjacking techniques.

You should also watch Family With Small Kids Dawdle Too Long in Transitional Space to see how a lot of these carjackings take place.



Project: Preparing for Devolution of Emergency Services

Continuing on with one more article concerning the theme from my commentary above.   Consider Paul Martin’s advice on how best to prepare for a future with much slower police/EMS response times.



Questions for Your Child’s School

If your children’s school staff don’t know the answers for these questions, It’d time to move your child to a different school or school district.



Knife Combatives – Support The Knife

A great hour-long lesson from Hock Hochheim about integrating empty hand combatives with your knife work.



Buying Guns Online: What You Need To Know

The legal realities of private and online firearms purchases.



 Competition As Preparation

If you are interested in the evolution of both firearms training and competition from the 1960s to the present day, this podcast with Andy Stanford and Lee Weems is required listening.



Run, Hide, Fight. Active shooter response strategy for teachers.

This article is a brief analysis of the “Run, Hide, Fight” response to an active shooter.  For more on the same topic, read my article Run, Hide, Fight: Not always the Best Active Killer Response.



Skills & Drills

Erick shares some excellent practice drills.  You may also want to try The Super Test.  If you can move and want a rifle/pistol drill. try the 30 meter Moving Accelerator Drill.



25 Gunfighting Stats Learned From Convicted Cop Killers

A quality analysis of several FBI publications studying cop killers.  Lots of good lessons here.



Stop Giving Cop Haters Control

We move from cop killers to cop haters.  About 10% of the population believes that cops never have the right to defend themselves against a criminal’s physical attack.  That number is likely to increase over the next few years.  Recognize that this 10% of the population will be sitting on the jury should you be charged criminally or civilly.  If you have other career option, get out of the cop job as soon as it is feasible.  Surviving a 20-30 year career in law enforcement unscathed by the legal system is currently an unsustainable pipe dream.



How To Pack A Pet Evacuation Kit To Protect Your Animals In An Emergency

Have you considered a bug out bag for your pet?  And for a similar article more specifically for humans, read Wake Up Call.



Shotgun Basics: Buckshot (Part 1)

I’m regularly shocked at how little people understand about shotgun ammunition.



Cross-Dominant Shooting and How to Overcome It

There is a lot of political divisiveness in today’s world.  This article transcends all of that and discusses here is a different kind of right vs. left issue.



The (Not So) Secret Recipe to Find the Dot | Red Dots on Pistol

A short video that contains some very useful information.



How To Be Your Own Bodyguard: Self defense for men and women from a lifetime of protecting clients in hostile environments

What I’m reading….

My friend and legendary martial arts instructor Nick Hughes recently updated his book.  He added about 100 pages of new content.  I’m just getting started reading it, but I can already tell it’s going to be an excellent reference for practical self defense.



Studying Violence | If You Don’t Want to Get Your Ass Kicked…

Very good advice to avoid taking an ass-kicking in many different environments.



8 Questions to Ask Your Gunsmith Now

Important questions to resolve before getting your gun worked on.



Who was That Dead guy?

The realities that most sane Americans will never experience.  I saw a lot of deaths.  I still remember them all.  I can see their faces as they took their last breaths.  Like the doc who wrote the article, I don’t remember many names.



The Concealed Carry Seat Belt Conundrum

Kyle Lamb discusses some options for dealing with guns and seatbelts.



A randomized trial comparing intravenous paracetamol, topical lidocaine, and ice application for treatment of pain associated with scorpion stings

Now that I live in Texas, I have to deal with scorpion stings.  It appears that topical lidocaine is the best at relieving the pain.



Inclusive Defense

My friend Mike recently started a company focusing on teaching defensive handgun use in a supportive and non-threatening way.  Mike’s a great instructor and has attended several of my classes.  If you are looking for pistol training in the Oklahoma City area, check out his schedule.



Shooting Through Brush…with Pistols

A valuable experiment, especially for those of you who hunt with a handgun.



A Retired Cop Makes a Case for Carrying a Backup Gun

Do you carry a backup gun?  Mike Boyle thinks you should.



17-year-old steals gun from man at Dunkin’, shoots him to death in parking lot

Another open carry fail.

“…at around 9 a.m., 17-year-old Lamarion Orr saw a gun in Dykes’ waistline and grabbed it from his pants. Dykes chased Orr outside, and while they were struggling over the gun, then Orr shot and killed Dykes.”
The criminals are not scared of your gun. Keep your weapons hidden.

If you want some more info on this topic, check out this link.   In it I have news articles where over 100 more similar cases have occurred.



When You Can’t Use Your Sights, Aim With Your Body

Richard Nance writes about using a body index when shooting from a close quarter retention position.



Online Dating Extortion Alert

If you are active on any of the dating apps, beware of this tactic.




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