Knowledge to make your life better.  If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.



Solid advice from Massad Ayoob.  You might also like Mas’ take on backup guns.



Why the LCR .22 LR?

More information about why someone might choose to carry a .22 revolver for self protection.



Stand Your Ground laws do not allow you to ‘shoot first and ask questions later’

Dr. Yamane sets the record straight on SYG laws.



Sixgun Savvy

Clint Smith talks wheelguns.



Switchology 101: The Right Light for Your Firearm

A very informative long-form article about choosing both handheld and weapons mounted lights for defensive encounters. 



Emotionally Disturbed Man Fires At Officers

I’ve warned cops about folks who attack government buildings since 2018.  The trend is continuing and I don’t see many cops prepare to deal with attacks on their own critical infrastructure.



Developing Consistency

One of the most important factors in becoming competent.



Pocket Carry vs Tuckable – Deep Carry Options

Carry options for when you must tuck in your shirt.



The 35+ Workout Plan

This looks like a really solid workout plan for older lifters.



How Old Is ‘Too Old To Carry A Concealed Gun’?

If any of you have elderly family members who own guns, this is an important question to explore.



Wilson’s Comprehensive Handgun Proficiency Drill

This looks like a fun shooting drill.  I’ll be trying it in my next practice session.  Looking for another drill?  Try the Rangemaster Baseline Assessment Drill.



Crime Guns: Insights from the ATF 2023 NFCTA Report

Taking a look at the kind of guns criminals prefer.



Let’s Talk About Fentanyl

“Because it is cheaper to produce, it is cheaper to sell, but that’s not all that makes fentanyl dirt cheap. Because it is 50 times more potent than heroin, you only need 1/50th the space to store an equivalent amount of it. This makes smuggling massively easier – on all scales, from a swallowed condom to huge shipments. Smaller packaging almost means less is lost to discovery by law enforcement in transit. If it is lost, it’s cheaper to make, anyway, so the loss doesn’t hurt that much. Because it is 50x more powerful, the profit on a small package of fentanyl greater than the profits on large package of heroin. You get the idea.”



Project: Use Impulse Sealers For Distributing Emergency Water

Paul Martin shares a very good idea.



On Avoidance

“Defensive shooting means you’re coming from behind in a fight someone else started. Most criminals will not attack someone unless they feel they already have the advantage of numbers, surprise or whatever. While willing to be part of a shooting — they’re not interested in being in a gunfight. By the time it turns into a fight, you may very well already be hurt and therefore less capable. Your gun may jam, which happens surprisingly often in shootings. You may miss; also very common. Your bullet may not perform as you expect. Your assailant may be on drugs and unable to realize how badly they’re hurt. There may be several suspects and one may be in ambush behind you before who you think is the primary attacker even approaches you. A thousand things can go wrong, and it only takes one to turn the cards against you.

Once you’re forced to act, all these realities have to be faced and overcome to survive. Jammed guns have to be cleared, multiple hits have to be delivered and maybe multiple attackers addressed. All of these are part of the critical skill set of defensive shooting, and when the flag well and truly goes up, there is absolutely no time for second-guessing or hesitation. At that moment it’s a physics problem, not a moral or legal one.

But if you could have walked away, you would have won at much lower cost.”



The Most Important Pistol Skill

Things you should be practicing.



Gunfight in the Dark: Would You Survive?

Discussing low light options.



Delivery Driver Kidnapped and Assaulted—Strategies to Stay Safe as a Food Delivery Driver

Tips for those of you working in the gig economy.



Mass Attacks – Broadly Reviewed

An analysis of five years’ worth of mass killings. On the same topic, you may also like Analysis: Why ‘Mass Shooting’ Counts Vary So Wildly and Why it Matters.



The Final Weapon: John Hearne Lectures

John’s scholarly approach to firearms training and skill building is a valuable contribution to our art.  I highly recommend his classes.  For more on John’s research, read Walking The Line on Automaticity: A Skill Assessment Tool.



Generations: The Real Differences Between Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, Boomers, and Silents—and What They Mean for America’s Future

What I’m reading…

I’m trying to learn more to better connect with my students no matter which generation they come from.  For a summary of the author’s research, listen to the interview on The Art of Manliness podcast.



Defensive Shotgun Training and Resources – A Primer

For those of you seeking the Gospel of the Gauge.



The “Gadget” Striker Control Device for Glock Pistols

I have a striker control device on all my carry Glocks.  I think they are a smart addition, especially if you carry in the appendix position.



Are You Mentally Prepared To Defend Yourself?

Thoughts on proper mental preparation.






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