Ventus Respiratory Technologies, a designer and manufacturer of specialized respiratory protection, is pleased to announce that our flagship particulate respirator, the TR2, has received CE certification under standards EN-140:1998 and EN-143:2021 P2. The certification, issued by British Standards Institute (BSI), verifies that the TR2 respirator meets the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) standards set out under the European Union’s harmonized legislation for PPE.

With this CE certification, the TR2 becomes the only CE-certified compact, and lightweight respirator explicitly developed for law enforcement, armed forces (LE/AF), and first responders.

The TR2 is a low-profile and low-burden particulate respirator that integrates seamlessly into soldier systems, law enforcement equipment, and first responder protection systems. Developed in collaboration with Tier 1 Special operations soldiers, the TR2 protects users’ health during training and operations in compromised, hazardous, and toxic environments. The TR2 protects against particulate threats, such as lead, silica, antimony, asbestos, dust, and other aerosolized particulate toxins. The TR2 features class-leading, low profile, lightweight design, and communications integration while maintaining seamless compatibility with helmets, ear, and eye protection.

The CE certification process involves extensive testing and assessment of the product and quality systems to meet specific health, safety, and environmental protection standards. Ventus Respiratory Technologies’ commitment to quality and meeting our customer’s high standards are reflected by this certification. Ventus is committed to providing end-users with purpose-built personal protective equipment that meets the highest standards and provides the best possible protection.

“Protecting soldiers is a leadership responsibility,” said Ventus CEO Arjun Grewal, retired Canadian Forces Soldier, “Respiratory health is critical to a soldier’s performance, long-term health, and survivability. No certified product like this exists on a standard scale of the issue, but it should. Gas masks are important against extreme acute threats, but as soldiers, we spend most of our time in environments where known chronic threats like lead, antimony, asbestos and other toxic particulate are abundant, I wish I had this equipment during my 20 year career. We know the TR2 will improve effectiveness in training and operations. It’s time every soldier, police, and first responder is offered this protection to protect against the hazards they face.”

Ventus Respiratory Technologies is dedicated to protect those who protect us. The TR2’s CE certification is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing high-quality, reliable, and effective personal protective equipment.

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