Here are all the open enrollment classes I am teaching between now and the end of May.



My next class  will be Tactical First Aid and System Collapse Medicine at Blackwing Shooting Center on  March 12, 2023 in Delaware, Ohio.  Registration details HERE.  As of today, there is only one open slot.  Register  quickly if you want it!  If you can’t get into that one, I’ll be teaching the same class again at Blackwing on August 19.




In mid-April, I will be traveling to Davie, Florida (near Ft. Lauderdale)  to teach three different classes.


On Friday night (April 14), I’m teaching a three- hour lecture class called Armed Citizen Response to the Terrorist Bomber.  Registration details are HERE.


On Saturday April 15, I will be teaching Knife Skills for Concealed Carry.  Registration details are HERE.


On Sunday April 16, I’m teaching Tactical First Aid and System Collapse Medicine.  Registration details are  HERE


All three of those classes are hosted by my friend and fellow instructor Richard Smith.


Next up is a weekend of training on the road in Culpeper, Virginia hosted by John Murphy on April 22-23.  I’m teaching Knife Skills for Concealed Carry on Saturday the 22 followed up by Extreme Close Quarters Gunfighting class on Sunday April 23.  If you are interested in those classes, you can register for them at FPF Training through the links above.



I’m finishing up April back in Ohio again teaching two classes at the Miamisburg Sportsmans Club near Dayton, Ohio.


On April 29, 2023 I’m teaching my inaugural incarnation of  Low Light handgun Shooting and Fighting.  This class will be on an indoor range and will be limited to only 12 people.  Sign up soon, I only have one slot left.  Registration details are HERE.



On Sunday April 30, 2023 I have a  Knife Skills for Concealed Carry class at the same club.  Registration details are HERE. This one will be the only knife class I have scheduled in Central Ohio this year.


On May 14, 2023 I’ll be back in Ohio at Blackwing  teaching my  Snub Nose Revolver class Registration details HERE.  This is the only snub revolver class I am currently teaching this year.  There are still plenty of openings,  Sign up for this one if you want to optimize your short barreled revolver skill set.


I only have 4 open enrollment Texas classes this year.  On May 27, I’ll be teaching  Extreme Close Quarters Gunfighting in Decatur, Texas (North of Ft. Worth).  Registration details HERE.


I will follow that class up on May 28, with Knife Skills for Concealed Carry on the same range.  Registration details HERE.  Both of these classes have enough students to make them certain to happen.  Sign up now with no worries that the classes will be cancelled.


For the rest of my 2023 schedule, see my Upcoming Classes Page.


I hope to see some of you in the next couple months!



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