SPARTANAT’s ON TOUR: FROG.PRO workshop visit was organized finally posted to their site at in their native German language. This is a translation of that article. They’ve been gracious enough to share it with our readers.

ON TOUR: FROG.PRO workshop visit

We, too, have undertaken an Italian journey. No, not like Goethe, who traveled south of the Alpine ridge from 1786 to 1788. We were only there for two days and only got as far as Parma. And there not because of the famous culinary – although we can’t complain there – but because of the good gear. FROG.PRO, the Armani among Italian gear manufacturers, is at home there, we were with them in the workshop.

How Gear is created? Gear is created from material. Also at FROG.PRO, ten minutes from downtown Parma and yet outside the city, the raw material is important and the stocked warehouse is the basis that gear can be produced in different materials and colors.

But the sum of the parts is then more than the parts for themselves. FROG.PRO relied on laser cutting early on, and that shows in the workshop equipment. When you see the parts, you know where you stand.

This is what a panel looks like on the computer that controls the laser cutter. Here, the viewer can already recognize FROG.PRO’s characteristic design language: MOLLE with point openings.

And this is what it looks like when the suction stops working and the lid of the large laser computer opens. You can never have enough MOLLE …

The Italians produce on a daily basis. And in addition to the laser cut parts, all the other ingredients are added. They all add up to a whole: this will be Orthos Med Pouches.

Other color fancy? No, this is still not fashion, but MOLLE for IFAK bags for rescue forces, which are in hi-vis eye-catching colors.

Only who must come and everything exactly and exkat assemble. At the industrial machines sit seamstresses who build from the individual parts, the gear that you all know. Here again is a civilian IFAK in the works.

Work that requires a lot of patience and accuracy, because equipment consists of many parts and is constructed step by step. Until the FROG.PRO product is ready.

Also still there: classic MOLLE straps that provide mounting options on equipment.

And not to forget: lots of plastic parts with special functions.

These are some jobs that FROG.PRO has created. All Gear is produced locally by local workers.

At the end comes the shipping. What is ready is packed. Before that, the quality control department takes a close look at everything and makes sure that everything is as good as you expect from FROG.PRO.

At the same time, the Italian equipment manufacturer has a wide range that wants to get to the man: here is the very special Sniper CORE Chest Rig. It has been designed with special forces, we will soon present it to you separately.

Other items are more mundane, belts for example. Below the inner belt, above the equipment belt and above the padding that can be velcroed into the belt, which prevents the War Belt from slipping when worn over the jacket.

And, of course, plenty of different pouches for all the purposes you need to use.

“The Italian has a deeper feeling for the high dignity of art than other nations,” Goethe wrote in his famous Italian travelogue. Sounds pompous today, but it has a kernel of truth that can be found not only in the many fashion companies in the area and Milan and Parma. Fabio Casa, the founder and the soul of FROG.PRO, brings functionality and style together and both together result in his designs best equipment from Italy: FROG.PRO just.

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