Rotapoint Systems Introducing New Line of Offset Mounts

Following an enthusiastic reception at a recent international sniper competition, Rotapoint’s patent-pending new mount, code-named GANCHO, will begin shipping to dealers in May 2023.

A30, the first model in the new line of ambidextrous mounts replaces existing scope caps on Geissele’s Super Precision and Reptilia’s AUS 30mm mounts, with an Aimpoint Micro footprint.  The offset optic is placed at an optimized 34 degree angle like Rotapoint’s existing models, and keeps the offset optic mount off the handguard while offering consistent cheekweld.  To install, the user simply removes the existing scope cap and hooks the offset mount over the scope tube and secures it onto the base with the existing scope ring screws.  Depending on scope dimensions, the offset optic may be installed on the front or rear ring.

Precision machined and anodized in the USA. 

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