Enforce Tac 23 – Operator Jacket by Tilak

Featuring three different fabrics, the Operator jacket from Tilak is a level 5 garment. Combining design and materials, the fabrics are mapped on the garment to get the most out of their properties.

For example, the shoulders feature a four-way stretch fabric while the elbows incorporate a high tenacity fabric for abrasion resistance. The body of the Operator is also a stretch fabric but with a much lower Spandex content and has a great balance of breathability. Additionally, all fabrics are DWR treated, making the garment weather resistant.

The shoulder pockets are an entirely new design with the zippered openings following the vertical line between shoulder and arm making them very easy to open and close. Inside the shoulder pockets is a second pocket to keep certain items handy.

It also features a hood and two large chest mounted zippered pockets along with zippered ventilation at the armpits and adjustable cuffs.

In Europe’s temperate climate, you can assuredly wear the Operator jacket all year long. Suitability throughout the year may vary in other climes.

Tilak plans to add a pant to complement the Operator jacket.

Currently offered in three colors: MultiCam, Black and two-tone Grey and Foliage, sizes Small – XXLarge.

Designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic by www.MIGbyTilak.cz.

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