St-Laurent, QC (Canada) (Feb 2023) – Bridgford Foods Corporation, a ready to eat pocket sandwich line of products distributed exclusively for the Canadian first responders’ market by Hudson Supplies Inc, will be at CSAAA this February 12 & 13 at Calgary Telus Centre in Calgary AB Canada with choice of tasting:

Pepperoni Pizza

French Toast

Apple Turnover

Mexican wBeef Wrap

BBQ Beef

About Bridgford

Bridgford Foods Corporation is a family-controlled business, which is currently traded on the NASDAQ and traces its roots back more than 90 years to 1932 in San Diego, CA.  Uniqueness, high quality, and consistency of products have been the main objectives of Bridgford Foods Corporation.  

The principal product lines include frozen bread doughs; frozen fully baked breads, rolls and buttermilk biscuits; frozen micro-ready sandwiches and meal kits; sliced lunch meats, beef jerky and meat snacks as well as shelf-stable dry and semi-dry sausage products.  Bridgford Foods Corporation is headquartered in Dallas, TX and has a plant in Chicago, IL, one plant in Anaheim, CA, Statesville, NC and has two additional facilities in Dallas, TX.  Bridgford presently employees over 500 people and their products are sold in all fifty states, Canada, and several overseas locations.

The Shelf-Stable Ready to Eat Pocket Sandwich line was originally developed for the United States Military as combat feeding rations for the “Troops On-The-Go”. The Military required a product which had a three-year shelf-life and tasted great on day one or day 1,095. The product was originally tested with the United States Marines during an operation in Fallujah. The product scored exceptionally well and received one of the highest acceptance scores of any new product introduction. The product is currently being incorporated into the “First Strike Ration”, which is being provided to our Military’s Special Operations Forces when they carry out missions in a “Hot Zone”. The entire product line of sandwiches, pizza, and wraps are proudly produced at the Bridgford Statesville, NC production facility. Our ingredients are all sourced from the USA.

The Shelf-Stable Ready to Eat Pocket Sandwiches is produced under a grant of inspection with the USDA/FSIS. The facility is SQF certified and is inspected by the USDA/AMS, FDA, NCDA, VETCOM and a handful of other agencies. All of the meat and poultry is purchased from USDA facilities within the USA and are BSE tested.

The Bridgford Ready to Eat Items weigh 4.4-oz or 3.1-oz, depending upon the variety.  No refrigeration is required, and the product has a three-year shelf-life from date of manufacturing if maintained at 80 degrees of less.  The Sandwiches can be stored consistently at 100 degrees for six months. The product’s shelf-life is attained by a combination of packaging and formulation. The Ready to Eat Sandwiches are a great food solution for the outdoor enthusiast, whether you are camping, hiking, boating, fishing, etc. 

It is also a great solution for household emergency kits as well as for disaster preparedness or disaster relief efforts.

Bridgford currently offers several varieties of sandwiches like BBQ Beef, BBQ Chicken, Sweet & Spicy Chicken, Italian Style, Filled French Toast, Cinnamon Bun, Blueberry, Cherry, and Apple Turnover. Three varieties of plain sliced bread, White, Whole Wheat and Multigrain. Pepperoni and plain Cheese Pizza Slices. BBQ Pork and Mexican style beef and cheese wraps. On average, the sandwiches provide 300 calories per serving and provide 10 to 12 grams of protein.

The Bridgford Ready to Eat Sandwiches was designed to be eaten straight from the pouch; simply tear the pouch open at the tear notches, remove the sandwich, and eat.  The sandwiches may also be heated using an MRE/Flameless Heater; immersing the unopened pouch in boiling water for approximately six minutes or if you have access to electricity, removing the sandwich from its pouch and microwaving on high for 20 to 30 seconds or heating in a toaster oven at 350 degrees for 8 to 10 minutes.

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