Issaquah, Washington: Atibal Sights and Plumb Precision Products are excited to announce the release of the patented Plumb Precision Products (P3) Competition Reticle in the Atibal X 1-10 First Focal Plane Scope. The P3 Competition Reticle is a commercial market variant of military oriented reticles submitted to various programs such as NSGW-FC IDEAS. Instead of a focus on military applications, the P3 Competition Reticle is oriented for use with IPSC style targets.

The P3 Competition reticle allows for close engagements with a 4.5 milliradian center horseshoe that is daylight bright.

IPSC targets and those of a similar size, can be ranged and engaged with unprecedented versatility and speed. Unique to the P3 Competition Reticle, any caliber can be used. The patented ranging arcs are an average trajectory of calibers, which allows rapid engagements without calculation.

Using the “S.A.S” or “Size, Aim, Shoot” method, the P3 Competition Reticle provides range to target and immediate references for range. The shooter “Sizes” the target. The shooter then uses caliber and weapon specific data to provide the best point of “Aim”. The shooter can then “Shoot”. The ability to range targets in yards or meters is supported.

Other patented features, such as the milling arrows, provide hyper accurate ranging information for more deliberate shots. The milling arrows also provide index points for quick zeroing at 25 yards or meters. The ranging arcs allow for 1/3rd, 2/3rd, or full target presentations for shoot/ no-shoot scenarios.

Packed full of features but with a clean and clear presentation the P3 Competition Reticle needs the proper optic. From close quarters to long range precision shooting, the Atibal X 1-10×30 FFP with daylight bright illumination has been designed to be the most versatile LPVO on the market.

The Atibal X offers the clarity and dependability normally found in high end optics, but without the high-end price tag.  

The Atibal X is a true 1x to 10X powered optic. Atibal was the first to market with this type of optic. Atibal delivers features such as 1/10 MIL click finger adjustable windage and elevation target turrets. The Atibal X illumination dial has 6 brightness levels with off positions between each setting. The magnification adjustment ring has an oversized low profile finger tab that makes deliberate zoom adjustments quick and easy.

The Atibal X has low dispersion ED glass. This Extra-low Dispersion Glass corrects optical color defects commonly found in optics when light passes through multiple optical glass lenses.

All of this is reenforced by Atibal’s Full Lifetime Warranty and available now for under $1000.×30-ffp-plumb-reticle-mpvo

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