It’s that time of the year again. Summer vacation season in Yellowstone is kicking off—and stupid tourists are coming out of the woodwork right on schedule.

According to a press release, on Saturday, May 20, there was an incident at Yellowstone National Park involving a bison calf and an “unidentified white male in his 40s to 50s.” The man “approached a newborn bison calf in Lamar Valley near the confluence of the Lamar River and Soda Butte Creek,” explained park officials. “The calf had been separated from its mother when the herd crossed the Lamar River. As the calf struggled, the man pushed the calf up from the river and onto the roadway.”

Separated from the herd, the calf was reportedly seen calling with its mother, who was on the other side of the river. Park visitors also saw the confused calf walk up to people and follow cars. “The calf was shivering and noticeably stressed,” onlooker Carrie Paulson told Cowboy State Daily.

According to park officials, human interference can cause wild animals to reject their offspring. Park rangers tried but failed to reunite the calf with its herd. They later euthanized it. Visitors in Yellowstone are required to keep a safe distance from wildlife, including a buffer of 25 yards from bison, elk, and deer. Park officials are currently investigating the incident and seeking information from the public.

Unfortunately, it’s not the first time Yellowstone tourists have unnecessarily meddled with a bison calf. In 2016, Yellowstone tourists put a bison calf in the back of their SUV “because it looked cold.” That bison calf was also euthanized.

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