Imagine driving down the road and nearly running into a 15-foot snake. Well, that’s exactly what happened to Kymberly Strempack Clark earlier this year. On January 2, Clark posted an Instagram video of a giant Burmese python crossing the road in front of her. It quickly went viral—for good reason.

At first, the snake appears to be lounging on the asphalt. As Clark approaches it on foot, it turns its massive head and points it to the side of the road. The snake’s long, bulky body soon follows until it slowly reaches the grass. Watch the wild scene for yourself below.

According to CBS News, the incident took place within the Everglades National Park. Clark, who often shares wildlife photos and videos on her Instagram account, said she encountered the snake during a trip to the Everglades that included “many incredible wildlife sightings.”

“Here’s my favorite,” she wrote. “A 15-plus-foot Burmese python crossing the road in Everglades National Park. We pinned the location and reported it, as they are a huge threat to our ecosystem.”

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Field & Stream has reported extensively on Florida’s Burmese python invasion. The invasive snakes have significantly impacted the wetlands’ mammal populations and have no known predators. The Sunshine State often enlists the help of the public, as well as professional trappers, to find and humanely dispatch pythons.

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