Women throwing possums out of bars? Yup, that’s a thing now. Last year, I wrote about a woman from Alaska who became a hero in New York City for escorting a possum our of a Brooklyn bar. That video looks quaint now. The lady just picks the marsupial up by the scruff of its neck and walks it to the door. If anything, she looks caught between amusement and annoyance at the fuss around her as the patrons cheer. She sets the possum free outside and dusts her hands off. Her work done.

The latest clip, by contrast, is a pure Social Media Moment. Watch it for yourself below.

A women in jean shorts and cowboy boots holds the possum by its long tail, a far better presentation as the critter dangles. She too is in a bar, but this one in Texas apparently, which is slightly weird because you’d think those folks would be more accustomed to possums than people from Brooklyn. Anyway, she’s on camera, knows it, and seems happy to milk every cent of social capital it may bring her way.

It’s apparently well into the night because people have gotten pretty loud. Smiling, she sashays between pool tables. “That’s a f@#$-ing possum!” says a man with a keen grasp of the obvious. “You’re a badass!” calls a female voice. The person following her every step with a phone asks if he can get a picture. She pauses, smiles, lifts the possum and says something about it being heavy. You can hear a voice say, “Don’t worry. We got a video.”

At the door, she turns, smiles, and lifts both arms—the right one holding the possum—to receive the adulation of the crowd. And another Social Media Moment is born.

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