Here’s an oldie but goodie that’s too entertaining not to share. A 2009 YouTube video posted by The Wild Channel, shows a rare wildlife encounter between to a black bear and one of the most elusive predators in North America—a wolverine.

“A black bear has invaded a wolverine’s territory,” explains the video’s description. “Wolverines are extremely territorial and will defend their territory against any animal no matter its size—as shown in this video. Most animals including bears, big cats, and wolves tend to avoid confrontations with wolverines as they are known and feared for their aggressiveness, fearlessness, and fighting skills.”

The video begins with grainy footage showing a big black bear appearing to try to climb a tree as an angry-looking wolverine pads around on the ground near it. The wolverine then starts climbing the tree in apparent pursuit of the bruin. Then, both critters return to the ground and brawl briefly. Eventually, the bear seems to give up and walk away.

It’s not clear where the video was recorded. According to National Geographic, wolverines are the largest member of the weasel family. Wolverines are scarce in the continental U.S. but still have significant populations in Canada and Alaska. They are solitary and can roam up to 15 miles each day. They’re considered “tenacious predators” known to go after prey far larger than themselves, despite the fact that the average wolverine weighs between 17 and 40 pounds. So, it should come as no surprise that they’ve been involved in other impressive wildlife encounter videos over the years. Here are a couple of good ones below.

Watch Two Wolverines Fight Over a Carcass

Watch a Wolverine Mom Take on a Pack of Wolves

Watch a Wolf Try to Take Down a Reindeer

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