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It’s no secret that the best fishing lures are the ones that look like and mimic the actions of real-life fish. While there are hundreds of options out there, right now you can get the highly rated Truscend Jointed Swimbaits for just $16 for a pack of three—that’s a savings of 40%.

With more than 6,300 reviews, these are arguably the most popular fishing lures you can get on Amazon. They feature a multi-jointed body that allows them to bend and move in the water the same way a fish would—drawing the eye of those you’re trying to catch. Made of durable high carbon steel and painted with a realistic design, they can work in both shallow and deep water and in both freshwater and saltwater. They come in 14 different colors and patterns.

Reviewers say the swimbaits are great for all different fish, including (but not limited to) bass, trout, walleye, and muskie. “Very good action with any of these lures,” one angler raves. “Excellent trolling movement at slow speeds and they catch big mouths!”

Snag this great deal on fishing lures while you can—we doubt it will last more than a day or two.

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