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Updated Feb 12, 2023 11:45 AM

What do all of the best camping tables have in common? They’re portable, sturdy when set up, and they have features that fit your camping style. 

Whether camping in a developed campground or boondocking, a camping table adds comfort to your camping experience, and organization for gear, food, or anything else. They often serve as a gathering point, drawing all the camp’s inhabitants around for a hearty meal, a refreshing drink, or an entertaining card game. A good table can enhance any camping experience.

Get to know our top picks for the best camping tables to ensure you invest in a quality table that will last you several camping seasons down the road. 

How We Chose The Best Camping Tables

The tables that made my top picks were evaluated according to a few specific criteria, including: 

  • Durability: Just about any table can hold up in a climate-controlled environment. But camp tables are destined for a rough life outdoors, so I chose models that can stand up to the weather and life on the road.
  • Functionality: A good table is at the heart of any camp kitchen, but it’s more than just a place to eat. I selected tables that provide a sturdy surface for cooking, eating, and entertainment needs.
  • Portability: Everything is relative, and I know that no one is going to embark on a backpacking expedition with a folding table strapped to their pack. I ensured that the tables I picked can be transported easily.
  • Customer service and product warranty: Things break, especially when subjected to hard use in the great out-of-doors. I selected tables with a good warranty in case something does go wrong.
  • Value: I didn’t just look at the tag, but I examined price in comparison to the quality of the table. Only those that represented significant value made the list.

Several other tables on the market just barely missed our list, and no one table will be perfect. With our product evaluation, though, we believe that the pros far outweigh any flaws these tables may have. 

The Best Camping Tables: Reviews & Recommendations

Best with Table and Chairs: HAPPYGRILL Outdoor Folding Picnic Table

Why It Made the Cut: We chose the HAPPYGRILL as the best camping table with chairs because of its durability, sturdy construction, and ability to seat adults comfortably. It is a picnic table that folds and stores flat and doesn’t compromise strength to allow for portability.

Key Features

  • Bench Weight Capacity: 500 pounds
  • Open Dimensions: Table 70” x 18” x 29.5”; bench 70” x 9” x 18”
  • Materials: Wood with iron frame


  • Sturdy
  • Easy to set up 
  • Comfortably seats adults
  • Durable wood and metal construction 


  • Does not fold in half
  • Heavy

The HAPPYGRILL Outdoor Folding Picnic table is a portable picnic table perfect for use while camping. It is a three-piece set, so the benches are not connected to the table. This provides slightly more versatility and adaptability with storage and use. 

As a camping table with chairs, the HAPPYGRILL design made the top of our list primarily because of the durability, stability, and bench design that comfortably seats most adults. Many other camping tables that come with chairs seem to be suited more for smaller adults or even children at times with less of a focus on stability and more of a focus on portability. This table offers a good compromise between the two.

You will have a high-quality outdoor table that is portable enough for camping needs. This table and chair set is best used when RVing or car camping due to the size when folded and weight when carrying. This table is ideal for any outdoor get-together, including beach days, weekend camping trips, and even backyard BBQs.

Best with Storage: Camp Chef Sherpa Table

Why It Made the Cut: The versatile design of the Camp Chef Sherpa Table provides a compact camp kitchen experience that is easy to move from place to place. It keeps your kitchen equipment together in one place, making cooking and cleanup a breeze. 

Key Features

  • Storage: 3 zippered compartments + 1 lined sink/cooler bag
  • Dimensions: Table open 27” x 17” x 28”; legs collapsed 15 ¾” x 27″ x 18 ¼” ; individual bags 12” x 11” x 6 ½”
  • Materials: Aluminum tabletop with 600D fabric storage


  • Tons of storage 
  • Relatively lightweight 
  • Easy to set up 
  • Compact and portable


  • Could be taller 
  • Small/narrow cooktop area

Say hello to the best camping table combined with a classic chuck box. The Camp Chef Sherpa Table has brought camp kitchen organization to a new level with their four-compartment storage combined with an aluminum tabletop. 

Use the Camp Chef Sherpa with or without the telescoping legs, and you still have a sturdy cooking surface. The table itself is kind of short, but it gets the job done when it comes to a deluxe camp kitchen setup.

The four storage containers help keep all of your kitchen utensils, cookware, dish cleaning supplies, and even some food all in one place. One of the zippered compartments is fitted with a waterproof liner to be utilized as a kitchen sink or a cooler, making cleanup and storage even easier. 

When you’re ready to leave camp, pack up your cooking equipment. Close up the table’s storage compartment and stow the legs. You’ll have most of your kitchen contained in a compact carrier with side handles for easy transport, ready to hit the road. 

Best with Sink: Coldcreek Outfitters Ultimate Workstation with Faucet

Why It Made the Cut: Nothing beats the perfect camp spot by a river providing a relaxing way to catch your dinner. The Coldcreek Outfitters Ultimate Workstation knows you need a place to clean your fish, prep dinner, and wash up when you’re done. All of that, and more, is packed into this portable table. 

Key Features

  • Work Surface Area: 1040 square inches
  • Open Dimensions: 40” x 26” x 33”
  • Materials: Polyethylene top with a steel frame


  • Removable faucet
  • Lightweight
  • Inserts for flat working surface
  • Stain-resistant/easy to clean


  • Does not fold in half, only flat
  • Faucet connection not compatible with all hose nozzles

The best camping tables have an element of versatility to them. Coldcreek Outfitters offers a few different options, but the Ultimate Workstation with a Faucet takes the title of the best camping table with a sink. 

This portable camping table is made from heavy-duty, durable materials that will last you through years of outdoor use. The table is built with a dual sink design and an additional slot to hold a trash bag. Each of these cut-outs comes with a polyethylene insert that provides a smooth, solid surface when installed. That way, you can use it as a prep station, cook station, clean-up station, and even a card table when you’re done with dinner. 

When it comes time to clean your catch or process game meat, you’ll be glad you have the built-in faucet. Just attach a garden hose to give fish and game a quick rinse. Slide discarded pieces and off-cuts through the garbage chute and directly into a trash bag. The stain-resistant polyethylene countertop cleans easily when these chores are finished.  

The faucet is detachable, making it easier to transport and store the table. And removing it permits the use of the table’s entire surface, so everyone at deer camp can enjoy a meal together.

Best for Cooking: Giantex Portable Kitchen Camping Table

Why It Made the Cut: The Giantex Portable Kitchen is the best camping table for cooking because of its built-in propane storage compartment. It is a complete camp cooking station that provides versatility and a sturdy work surface. 

Key Features

  • Weight: 23 pounds
  • Open Dimensions: 48” x 21.5” x 47”
  • Materials: steel and aluminum frame with MDF and Oxford Fabric


  • Large workspace 
  • Includes removable sink
  • Very functional camp kitchen 
  • All components are self-contained in a carrying bag


  • Heavy for a table of this size
  • Assembly can be time-consuming 

The Giantex Portable Kitchen Camping Table was built with camping and grilling enthusiasts in mind. It takes more assembly than the others on the list because of all the components, but the sturdy and trustworthy work surface makes the effort worthwhile.   

The top provides enough surface area for your grill or stove, with enough space to spare for food prep. The star of the show is the dedicated propane storage area, which allows you to store a 20-pound propane cylinder next to your grill but out of the way. The table comes with a windscreen to surround your grill or stove, which keeps flare-ups to a minimum during windy conditions but stows easily for transport. The table top’s 55-pound weight capacity will hold just about any travel-sized grill.

The table has two storage shelves underneath the large countertop providing ample storage space for food and cooking utensils. A detachable water basin is also included, providing a quick cleaning station without sacrificing workspace while cooking.

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Best Folding: Lifetime 4428 Height Adjustable Folding Utility Table

Why It Made the Cut: If you’re looking for a simple folding camp table, the Lifetime 4428 Height Adjustable Folding Utility Table is the longest lasting and best priced. It is stable, easy to set up and take down, and it works well for a variety of camp uses. 

Key Features

  • Weight: 18.1 pounds
  • Open Dimensions: 48” x 24” x 24/29/36”
  • Materials: High-density polyethylene with a steel frame


  • Great surface area for activities 
  • Easy to set up 
  • Adjustable legs 
  • Durable


  • Heavy for its size
  • Can be wobbly at times

Sometimes, the best camping tables are the ones that have the most straightforward design. While the versatile and functional camp tables that we’ve discussed already have their merit, a basic folding table can do wonders for any of your camping needs. 

The Lifetime 4428 Height Adjustable Folding Utility Table is a breeze to set up and takedown. The adjustable height is perfect for varying camp table purposes, and since there are no X-braces underneath, it is easy to sit and eat. You’ll have a fairly large surface area for meal preparation, cooking, clean-up, and entertaining while hanging out in camp. 

When set up, there is a slight sway. Loaded with too much weight or placed on an uneven surface, it can become wobbly—the price you pay the legroom afforded by the lack of braces. The plastic top is not heat resistant, so you’ll have to be careful with anything pulled off the stove, but it is easy to clean and sanitize the surface. 

It folds down small enough to make it easy to take on a car camping or RV trip, but it is relatively heavy. Overall, this table provides the basic functionality you need in the best camping tables. It is incredibly durable, affordable, and fairly sturdy for something so portable. 

Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Camping Tables

With the wide range of camping tables on the market, much can be said about buying considerations. To help you narrow down your list of possible tables, here are the four significant considerations I recommend before you buy a camping table. 

Intended Use

The most important factor that will help you narrow down your list of possible camping tables is how you plan to use them. Are you looking for a simple camp table that you can use to eat at, cook on, and sit around to play games in the evening?

Do you camp primarily on hunting and fishing trips and want a table that works well for cleaning fish and game?

Are you someone that car camps often and values the organization chuck boxes provide?

Do you have a family and need space for everyone, or is the table only used for cooking and cleaning?

Once you pin down how you plan to use your camping table, then you can start to narrow down the list of options. The table’s intended use will also have a lot to do with how portable the table needs to be.

Mode of Transport

If you want a table that you can bring with car camping or even on an overnight backpacking trip, it needs to be lightweight and pack down small. On the other hand, you might need a table for an extended RV vacation. In that case, size isn’t as much of an issue, and you are looking for more stability. 

You want a table that can function to suit your needs and is built well enough to be used outdoors. It should have plenty of room on the tabletop for all of your planned activities, and have features that enhance your camping experience.


Q: Why should I buy a camping table?

Having a table while camping can add organization and ease when performing specific tasks like cooking. Many developed camping areas provide picnic tables, but if you are boondocking or dry camping, you’ll need to bring your own.

Q: What are some of the best features of camping tables?

While some of the best camping tables are the simplest in design, some have far more impressive features. These include built-in or detachable sinks, lantern hooks, windscreens, and additional storage racks or bags.

Q: Is a table for camping necessary?

No, a table isn’t necessary when camping. However, it can provide a more comfortable camping experience, especially when camping with a group. The best camping tables are designed to enhance your camping experience by providing an easy surface to cook on, organize your camp kitchen, and are versatile enough to be used for other things like playing cards.


How do I choose a camping table?

How to choose a camping table will start with identifying the intended use. Once you know how you plan to use your table (backpacking, car camping, RVing, etc.), then you can narrow down things like size, weight, portability, and features. Read through the “things to consider before buying a camping table” section for more detailed information.


How do I set up a camping table?

How you set up a camping table will differ from table to table. Folding tables, for example, usually have legs that fold into the tabletop, and then the top folds in half. Some camping table designs have detachable legs with a roll-up top. Read through manufacturer instructions for information on how to set up your table.

Final Thoughts on the Best Camping Tables

While the best camping table will be the one that fits your camp needs the best, our top pick is the Lifetime 4428 Height Adjustable Folding Utility Table. Though it has a simple design, it is a table that provides campers of all walks of life with an affordable and versatile camp table option. It is easy to use, and it will hold up to years of use outdoors with very few issues.

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