Scot Hollingsworth was just minding his own business, watching a little television with his wife, when he heard something at the door. “I jumped up and headed over…and barely got out the door and got my leg clamped on,” said the Daytona Beach man in an interview with ClickOrlando. Clamped on, in fact, by a 9-foot alligator that had scurried up onto the homeowner’s porch and managed to bump the door in a way that got Hollingsworth to answer. (Hello? Who is it? Owww!)

Hollingsworth, 56, was bitten on the upper thigh and was taken to the hospital, where he was treated for non-life-threatening injuries. Here’s the video from ClickOrlando:

Apparently, spring is a big time for altercations between alligators and people, and it all has to do with hormones, says reptile specialist Frank Robb, who spoke with ClickOrlando. “Their hormones, which are actually very similar to ours, ramp up twice a year.” That seems low to me, but he’s the expert. Robb went on to say that this hormone ramping “coincides with spring and fall.” Referring to spring specifically, the expert, who has more than 30 years experience, added that the more the season progresses, “the more you see them walking around doing stuff.”

A reporter for wrote that Gatorland park director Mike Hileman “believes that education is the key to living with predators nearly nine feet in length.” For example, learning to tell the difference between a knock and a bump. (The article didn’t say what Hileman thinks is the key to living with predators over 9 feet long, but judging by his Youtube channel, inviting them to your birthday party probably something to do with it.)

In any case, the gator at the door of the Daytona Beach home this month was ultimately euthanized by the FWPD, which Hollingsworth wasn’t thrilled about, despite the rude greeting he was given. “I worked on a farm growing up and have been out in the wildlife my whole life,” he told ClickOrlando. “I love seeing the animals, but not that close. It was a little too close for me.” Especially with the hormones and all.

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