A Code Enforcement Official from New Hanover County, North Carolina, was stunned the other day when he came across a live alligator in the attic of a home that was under construction. Thinking at first that the gator was stuffed and placed there as a joke, Dean Brown shined his flashlight on the large reptile only to watch its eyes open.  

“Have you ever seen an alligator in an attic?” New Hanover County said via Twitter earlier this month. “One of our code compliance officials found this 8-foot alligator while inspecting a new home construction site. Thank you to our officials who work hard to make sure buildings and homes are safe for our residents – and ‘gator free!” 

The 8-ft alligator was hiding behind an air conditioner unit when Brown stumbled upon it. “I was about 2 feet away from stepping on its head,” he told Fox News 35. After Brown discovered the alligator was alive, he got in touch with the construction crew on the job. They immediately laughed at him and thought he was crazy.

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When Brown showed the large alligator to the crew, they called 911 who got in touch with animal control officers to take the reptile away. Brown has been in the inspection business for nearly 30 years, but he’s never seen anything like this. He thinks the animal was drawn into the house because the door was left open. But the big question that’s still a mystery is how the gator made it up three flights of stairs and into the attic. 

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